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    MOC question

    I picked up a really nice MOC '87 Falcon a while ago because it was cheap, but I don't normally collect MOC figs, so I know jack about them

    The Falcon figure has the Super Trooper figure promo in the corner, and what I want to know is, how do the different promos effect value? I wish it didn't have the promo, because it hides almost half of the card art, but it would be nice to know for sure before I try and sell this thing. Also, I was a little confused at first because ST was an '88 figure, but I guess they must have advance solicited in '87 for delivery in '88. Any help would be greatly appreciated as always

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    Most of my '87 cardbacks have the ST promo sticker... I have to admit that I HATE it too , it hides a large portion of the cool card art. From my own experience, this promo in particular (ST), does not really affect the value of the MOC figure nor the cardback itself. - Great screenshot archive ;)


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