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    Quote Originally Posted by karamazov80
    Based on the cases recently available on BBTS (w/2 Jokers per case, etc.), they are apparently starting to be released to meet demand now. However, I have been to innumerable Wal-Marts and Targets (and a few TRUs) over the past few months, and saw a total of 3 Movie Masters Jokers. 2 when the first stock first hit, and one a couple weeks ago in a Wal-Mart off the beaten path.

    Just because it is easy to find something where you live doesn't mean that this is the case everywhere else.
    Well, the two-per-case assortment has been shipping to B&M retailers for over three weeks now. Also, I participate on multiple message boards that focus on collecting DC Comics action figures, corresponding with people from all over the country who actively collect Mattel lines. The figure's availability is not exclusive to my area, and the substantial drop in prices on eBay in the month of July demonstrates the lack of scarcity with this particular item.

    If the figure was OMG HTF RARE, these wouldn't have just been hanging around today on my lunch break. They don't get snatched up because they don't command much of a premium on the secondary market, if any at all. Why? Because they're readily available.

    Quote Originally Posted by meyerc13
    I wouldn't say these are scarce at all. All of the Targets in my area have restocked 3 times on these already... it's like every other day they are available again. I wouldn't call that scarce. BATs were scarce... after they hit on July 4 it was over a month before I saw them again. Anything that restocks every other day isn't scarce.
    It's similar here. A few Target stores have restocked three times already, and they all stocked them overnight. I just went and picked up another Rattler on my lunch break.

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    i found them at a target now im going to cancel my online order.

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    I found these at our local target the night before last, and for the first time in my experience collecting 25th Joes - I passed on them.

    Up to this point, I've bought everything that they have put out....all the single cards; all the multi-packs (even the butt ugly comic book packs); every Duke, Snake Eyes, Destro, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Commander; every repaint and kitbash; every half-baked new version of a character that didn't come from the original line.

    I started feeling this feeling with the vehicle wave and I feel it stronger than ever now......Hasbro is putting out so much product now, and so much of it doesn't appeal to me that I have officially given up on trying to be a completionist with this line.

    In the last six months, there have only been maybe five items that I have been really excited to get (VAMP, Snow Serpent, BAT, blue HISS Driver) and the rest has been either "meh" or "I guess I'll pick it up to keep my complete set going". Looking forward at future offerings, I can't think of more than 3 or 4 items that I'm excited about....and they're all single pack figures.....

    But after looking at these jets, I finally snapped. I can't spend fifty bucks buying cheaper looking re-releases of vintage vehicles that don't appear to have been altered in any way from their original versions. That fifty bucks for me will be better spent buying an actual 1984 Rattler or two original Conquests (not that I need those, but you get the point).

    This is just a rant, and I'm not going to hose Hasbro over the choices that they've made.....I just wanted to vent a little bit because it's kind of sad to abandon the line but I just can't make myself buy more of this stuff simply because it says "GI Joe" on the box.
    MapQuest really needs to start their directions on #5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.....

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    [QUOTE][If you go online, it even states that that Joker is HARD TO FIND or VERY RARE/QUOTE]

    It says this on every almost every action figure on ebay,TF Flint is hanging from pegs everywhere around here but online it says VHTF

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    Is anyone going to buy the big pack from Target just for the tanks? If so, I'll buy the Short-Fuze off you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MexBone
    ^^those stickers do seem cheap, they were fallin off before I even opend the box
    Yep! Just got the Conquest today & left the Rattler (already have one) I did notice on the Conquest sticker near the canopy that it looks like it's already starting to come off! And I haven't even opened it yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snake-eyes01
    Yep! Just got the Conquest today & left the Rattler (already have one) I did notice on the Conquest sticker near the canopy that it looks like it's already starting to come off! And I haven't even opened it yet!
    If you mean the Cobra kill board sticker, yeah I had the problem too. That isn't so much the sticker as it is the redesign of the Conquest. They put some notches there to help keep the front canards on. That sticker is sitting right on it. I pulled it up and moved it so it is on a flat surface. I also moved the sticker on the wing more towards the body of the plane. It was too far out on the end of the wing and just didn't look balenced.

    Funny thing is that these stickers look okay on the Conquest but not the Ratter. I think it is because of the surface color. But my Ratters will be fixed in time because I ordered 4 sticker sheets from JRuben. 3 for the new Rattlers and 1 for my old one. I figured I would go ahead and get it cleaned up while I was at it.

    My neck still hurts from staring down and putting those stickers on dang it. Maybe I can sue Hasbro for injury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zark1976
    Is anyone going to buy the big pack from Target just for the tanks? If so, I'll buy the Short-Fuze off you.
    I have to wonder how many people will open those Ultimate Battle Packs. I got the Star Wars ones last year. They display so nice in the box, I never opened them. This will likely be the same situation for the GIJoe pack when I get it.

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    I bought the HOTH set just for the giant Imperial Guard Fixed-position Baneblade cannon... uh, I mean Rebel Turret... I gutted the set, sold all the figures and the ATST and kept the TUrret for my warhammer displays. Looks pretty good as a 4 story turret. The joe set won't have anything as cool though.

    John M.
    Apparently one of the longest standing members of is now a troll. OK then... This troll is going to find a bridge somewhere and play Warhammer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Missal
    The joe set won't have anything as cool though.
    Overall, probably not as good. But that blue Flight Pod is pretty tight. The green Mobat is meh, but you had to figure they were going to make it at some point. While it is old and boring, it is fairly representative of the classic line. I was most dissapointed in the red HISS. I like the inclusion of the HISS, but a different color is needed. Gray or even green would be good. Just not ones we have already had.


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