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    Now I have to keep going every day until I find these my OCD compels me to do so. I have my own parking space in the Target /TRU parking lots. Darn exclusives.I should have started collecting stamps instead at least then you only have to go to the post office.Thanks for the heads up Missal,being in VA also when you get them I should be able to get them as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderpumpkin
    The vehicles are part of the action figure aisle revision that is suppose to take place sometime during the week starting on 8/7/08. Some stores will do the revision early and then there will be a spot for 087-06-2047. However, the planogram team has until the end of next week to finish the 8/7 revisions. These aren't on an endcap but are going to be in the aisle after the revision.
    Did you mean 9/7/08... is there a one week tolerance to get this done? (Don't worry, I don't want to let go of August quite yet, either !)

    Zero Targets in my area have the jets in stock. One guy went as far as to say, "Even if I had them, I wouldn't be able to pull them from stock because the G.I. Joe's are collector's items." I then showed him the one beat-to-s*** Armadillo vs Air Chariot that was on the shelf. I asked if they had any of the other vehicles (always looking for a VAMP !) and he scanned the ArmaChariot. Before he told me whether or not they had more vehicles, I was told that no items can be pulled from stock until whatever's on the floor is sold / depleted. Then he told me there was nothing in stock. This was the first person in my year-old hunt for 25th stuff that made me feel like I had an adversary on the retail side. He asked how I got the DPCI number, claiming I "shouldn't know it", and made me feel like the people I hate more than work, scalpers!!!

    After visiting this store, which I normally don't go to because it's waaayyyy out of my area, I went to the Target closest to where I live. A guy I recognized was working, and he verified that none of the stores around here have the vehicles in stock. He mentioned that his tri-corder told him the DPCI number represented a product available online only. This was today! I've been told the same thing from 15 other Target folks since I ordered my Rattlers online on July 22nd. Online, online, online only!

    I trust that those that work for Target and share their ultra-valuable insight on these boards aren't misleading us. And I clearly understand that, for the most part, there is never an exact moment which will pinpoint the release of a certain figure or vehicle. But I'm a guy who loves his Joes and his hobby, and I'm a guy who really wants three or four Rattlers. And I want to know when I can get them! Two are coming via an online order from, but I'd like to see one of my favorite childhood toys in a store, and spend my hard-earned money on it! For no other reason than because I can! Because I couldn't buy three or four Rattlers when I was 9 years old!

    Clearly, the days of walking down the toy aisle and finding lots of everything are gone (at least for Joes). And, clearly, Hasbro is marketing this line to collectors, not newly interested children. Random Target employees know it, and threads like this, with the secret DPCI numbers and not-so-sure pricing, light the fire under the collector's a** to get out there and spend some money... if you can find the product, and if "they" will let you have it!

    Sorry for the rambling, I just want a clear answer which will lead me to my favorite blue jet!
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    Some have already provided proof they bought them in the store with pictures of the planes and the recipts. That pretty much debunks the "online only" idea. Besides John Missal, a Target employee, has already explained why it shows as online only. They will hit retail.

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    I agree, some people may see these at retail, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by WildWeasel
    That is interesting and screwy at the same time.
    I know John Missal is a respected member of the Forums, and his insight on everything G.I. Joe has been invaluable to me and many others. In quoting Wild Weasel above (an editor on these Forums in his respone to Rattler/Conquest pricing), my point is that whether we're talking about pricing, release dates, or whatever... nothing is confirmed, until it's confirmed. I appreciate the fact people on the retail side are giving the rest of us some insight as to what goes on on their end.

    But prices vary by four dollars. One day, these vehicles are online only, and the next day somebody on another board puts up a picture where they claim they bought a Rattler at retail (I've seen the threads). Will these products be on an endcap or in the aisle? Yeah, part of the fun is the speculation. And part of the fun is the hunt. But, being a hungry fish, I don't like corporate Pawtucket dangling the bait in front of me, and pulling up the hook every time I'm ready to bite. I never saw one Target exclusive HISS, AWE Striker or Sharc at retail, and believe me, I looked.
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    Is the production numbers on these supposed to be more than the last exclusives?

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    Yes, 9/7/08. Sorry about using August. They will be in an aisle once stores get the September 7th revision completed. When a store gets the revision completed varies and can sometimes be early or late. Stores may even get the spot all set up in the aisle and the product could possibly be late. Stores are resetting seasonal with Halloween and that takes precedence and other work may get delayed. Also, non-seasonal revision product may be hung-up at the distribution center due to the big seasonal Halloween push.
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    I just checked my order and it shipped yesterday by UPS. I was going to cancel the order if I found them in stores first. It looks like they shipped them out on the day they've said all along since started selling them back in late July.

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    Hmmm, my order got delayed until Sept 17th. No big deal but it is interesting that some have shipped and some are delayed.

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    The Targets in my area have little tags on the pegs and in the aisles stating that Target employees are not allowed to look in the stockroom and pull stock for guests also that due to the high demand for these items they will only allow any guest to buy two items at a time to allow other guests a shot at these items this goes for figures as well. They are either directing this at collectors or scalpers. This was only on the Joe pegs and not the SW stuff. When I punch in the dcpi I get a different response.It just says in aisle (none available)in stockroom (no) nothing about online only.

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    My Target order got dekayed until November. Van anyone explain that to me.


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