Giant GI Joe Banner

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    Giant GI Joe Banner

    One of my friends who worked at the TRU in Times Square NY got this for me before they threw it out. It measures 25' x 15' So I was wonder if it's the only one out there and what it might be worth.

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    Steve, that's pretty awesome! Wow! Congrats!
    What a cool sight!

    When you mentioned it at the convention, I didn't realize there was artwork of the characters on it! I really like that it does! Great effect!

    Thanks for posting the pics!

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    I bet that somebody out there would be willing to pay a premium for something like that. I doubt seriously that many were made that size (where could it possibly be displayed outside of something like a massive, New York TRU?).

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    Time to get a bigger house!

    Seriously cool!

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    And the better question is what do I do with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimeNYBT
    And the better question is what do I do with it.
    By a huge flag pole, and raise it over your house, of course.

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    at large...
    Use it to wallpaper your dining room...
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    Have a hard wood floor in your joe room and then put this down and then put an acrylic layer over top so that it becomes the floor

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