IDW unveils the cover to G.I.Joe #0 at SDCC

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    IDW unveils the cover to G.I.Joe #0 at SDCC

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    Nice cover, but...

    Duke + Vulcan + parachute =
    I wait the story!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neapolitan joe
    Duke + Vulcan + parachute =
    I wait the story!!!
    Actually I think this is the #1 cover. It was written so in the top right corner. Will it be a #0 issue, a preview one?

    Nevertheless, the art is amazing.

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    Hmm didnt look that closely supposedly there was a # 0 and it was .99 and I see this one is 1.00 so maybe they scrapped the number zero idea and went for a number one.

    Hey this is comic book land, there are hidden recoil suppressors on that thing it shoots like a water gun no recoil at all. In fact it barely makes a noise either. Cobra wont know what hit em.

    and why does it say "brand" under the logo?
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    Issue #0 debuts in October, with the full series beginning in January 2009, written by the master himself, Larry Hama!

    (Click image for larger view.)
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    Larry Hama!!!

    This is really a great new!
    Mister Hama, please: respect Your old style...
    I hope we can see old characters and vehicles, real weapons and little realistic fights, not unreal "WWIII" without any scenes!

    Yo JOE!!!

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    Duke better watch out for those golden arrows!

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    man, I really hope this doesn't suck... the potential is right there on the cover. (crossing fingers)

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    LOL! I hope that mini-gun does make Duke spin out of control.

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    Inside art previews from the SDCC are pretty decent though it's hard to tell for sure since it was in B&W.


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