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    also there seems to be zodiac signs in the pictures as well, Demolisher has a fish right above his patch, and the dreadhead with the white beard has a crab as his beard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadman2099
    has a crab as his beard.
    Theres shampoo for that...

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    Hi everyone,

    Man-o-man, I wasn't expecting to see these on here. Hope I can answer a few of the questions about them.

    These were at a show here in Minneapolis called Draw Too at Soo Visual Art Center that wrapped up yesterday. The original plan was to make all the 2004 Convention Dreaknoks/Dreadheads but I ran out of time so Joe-Bob, Crusher & Zartan morphing into Hawk didn't get finished in time (but will be at some point as they're each about 75% complete. They're basically life sized heads & all are acrylic on Masonite that are cut out & mounted on wooden blocks so they site about 1.5" off the wall. They've also been embellished with tons o' glitter & rhinestones along with some other crap like mirrors & Mylar on a few. Here's a pic of my friend Tabitha with her 1-year-old to give you a better idea on the scale though she is standing in front of them a couple of feet.

    It was fun seeing what logos people found so far. You guys were correct about Launchpad, the XXX movie, the Nazi SS & Bauhaus. The others mentioned are Hawaiian Airlines (profile girl in Zarana), American Heart Association (Buzzer's nose) & Kum Gang San/Sushi World-a Korean restaurant here in town (Demolishor's head.) No Zodiac signs in any of them, which area/head were you referring to. Oh, the crab beard is the old logofor a local screen printing design team called Squad 19. Loved the shampoo comment BTW, that's damn good stuff! Each head has approximately 12-15 logos & I'd love to see what people can find & I'm happy to clarify any questions about them.

    If anyone is interested, most are still available if you want to PM me though Zanzibar & Road Pig are already sold. (Kinda sad about Zanzibar, I planned on keeping him if he didn't sell & then I found out somebody bought him last Thursday after being the for nearly 2 months!) I can also post some of the other pix if you guys would like to see 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob McBroom
    I can also post some of the other pix if you guys would like to see 'em.
    Well **** yeah! Those look great, very inspiring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by B.T.P.
    Well **** yeah! Those look great, very inspiring!
    I'll start it things off with the remaining finished Dreadheads. I'll post Joe-Bob when he's (eventually) done.

    I might as well reveal one of the logos since it's about as obscure as it gets. See that top part of Roscoe's head has a Volkswagen-y lookin' car with legs & spots? That would be the logo for a very small pizza chain here in the Twin Cities called Cheetah Pizza. This would be the first actual piece that I've used it in but I've been all about that jumping car for years. (I also like saying "Cheetah Pizza" out loud. CHEETAH PIZZA!)

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    great stuff bro but im bummed to hear about zanzibar & road pig.they were my favorites.whats going on with bnuzzer? hes great too & i like ripper or roscoe too.
    when do you think zartan will be done? id like to see that.

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    These are seriously cool!!

    Seeing the Buzzer one is funny as my wife is wearing a Bahaus T-Shirt just now!!

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    Wow those are really great!
    "O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us! "

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    Here's the last of close ups of the finished Dreadnoks that haven't already been posted.


    Road Pig



    Hope people are enjoying these. I've also got an update on sales & it looks like Buzzer is indeed getting sold tomorrow (unless the buyer ends up flaking at the last minute) & they're also probably getting Ripper a little later.


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