GI Joe Telephones / Intercoms

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    GI Joe Telephones / Intercoms

    Check it out guys:

    I got these in a collection last year but put them away cause I didn't feel like dealing with them. Anyone ever have them? Do they work?

    Rare? Valuable? Just plain fun? Anyone interested in them?

    They look to be in ok shape-I can send pictures of the ones I actually have if you want.

    Again-for the 40 billionth time, I am moving to LA in October from RI and would like to unload this stuff before I go. Trades are def welcome too.
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    i had a set of those as a kid. they worked pretty good. i wouldnt mind getting a set of them again if they werent too much. usually when i see them on ebay they dont sell too often.
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    whats the range on them..... would it be easier for me to just shout at my gf

    seriously though, they look cool

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    I had a set too. Lots of fun! My brother and I had adjoining rooms and my dad ran the cord through our closets. We thought we had it made for awhile until we ran out off things to talk about. And the cord shorted out.
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    I have often wondered if they had any "value" As well. My brother and I had them. My old man rigged the line to run from our room to the den. My parents could then talk to us if they needed us for something.

    They were good times.
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    Hey!! I still have those sets in my old wooden toybox!! (*as my jaw drops*), I think I'm going to dust them off finally and put them on display.. I almost forgot about them, until I saw the pic.

    Then I was like OMG!! I have those in my old toybox ....still..!!

    - CL


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