I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere


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    I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere

    I've been to six or seven Targets, a couple of TRU, and a bunch of Wal-Marts in the last three days. The 25th stock seems to be about the same in every single store. Nobody seems to want the Armadillo/Air Chariot pack, Wild Bill, Vipers, Cobra Commander (pick any version), M.A.S.S. 1 & 2 (this is a huge change over a few weeks ago), and the first series of comic packs. It's been deja vu over and over. Random stores had the black Hiss and Vamp, but I'd say over half of them did not. That's my two cents with the G.I. Joe stock and futures markets. Now back to you.

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    Seeing about the same myself.

    I don't see too many of the DVD packs on shelfs, the Armadillo/Air Chariot pack is all over the place, I bought the only VAMP and HISS I've seen. See loads of vipers (the walmart I usually go to must have 15 or more of them on pegs right now), wild bills, comic packs (early series), etc as you mentioned -

    also I've been seeing a bunch of jetpack duke everywhere. One walmart near me has like 12 of him on the pegs.
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    Found a lonely HISS driver at K-Mart. Anyone know if they're getting in W7 again?
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    It's interesting that the same products seems to be universally unpopular. After seeing empty shelves for so long it makes me nervous seeing the DVD packs hanging around on the shelves. I'm starting to get worried that Hasbro will lower production numbers on the future DVD packs if these don't sell... but maybe those are already produced and just waiting to ship. On the other hand, I'm sure these will sell eventually, so maybe it's not a bad thing that parents can find this stuff for their kids without stalking Wal Mart night stockers.

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    I saw four cases of wave 9 and four cases of wave 7 at a Wal-Mart Thursday evening, and I saw several cases of wave 7 at a Target last night. They had also received seven cases of wave 9, and they had the Wild Bills to prove it.

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    My jaw dropped last night when I found the Wave 5 comic packs at Wal-Mart - the Wal-Mart that hadn't had any new Joe product since March. They also had the DVD packs and all the Wave 7 figures. The other stores in our area are starting to get on the ball. The older comic packs appear to have been bought or returned at most stores, since the only "pegwarmers" I'm seeing now are the spring Toys 'R Us exclusives.
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    My Toys are Us hardly ever has anything in stock.

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    I happened to go to walmart the other day looking for a tv, and i stopped by where the gi joes normally are(saw a guy carrying out a hiss, so i was about to throw a tantrum) and there was nothing at all in that section. For some reason, i kept looking and they had gi joes in a different section! not sure what wave they are, but it was the one with bazooka, snow serpent, barbeque, hawk, and ninja ku stormshadow. They didn't have a Bat though

    A question though, is hasbro re-releasing the older figures on the new white cards? i saw a torpedo in there and i'm pretty sure the one i got had the metallic card not a white one. I hope they do that, because i missed quite a few the first time around.

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    I'm not surprised.

    Nothing sells as well as the single cards. The original 5-packs (Joe, COBRA, and Legions) all became shelfwarmers for a while. My TRU still has 2 COBRA sets for $30 each.

    All of the comic sets up to relatively new Waves 4 and 5 have been pegwarmers. It is logical the vehicles would not sell as well, either. I bet they move eventually, but we're just so used to seeing the new single cards FLY from the pegs that if something doesn't sell immediately, we think it won't sell at all.

    I think it's nice to see a stocked GIJOE section rather than nothing but one hooded COBRA Commander on the pegs.

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    I've walked on about 10 Hiss tanks in the last week. DTC has them available for order. At $14.99 I bought two, in stores. At $9.99 I would have probably bought at least ten. My math is funny like that.


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