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    Updated 7/22/2019 Here is my ongoing wanted list. I'm looking mostly to trade for these but will pay for some. My trade list is here, but if you're looking for someone/something not listed from '82-'89 send me a PM or email. ***MOST WANTED*** 1985 Cobra SMS missile support legs x2; computer stand x1 VEHICLES & PARTS 1984 ASP cannon tip x2 1984 Ferret fenders (both) 1984 VAMP Mk.II regular passenger door and right water can, 1 missile 1984 VAMP Mk.II mail-away missile launcher w/missiles, gas cans 1985 Cobra SMS missile support legs x2; computer stand x1 1986 Conquest X-30 tail fins (stickers not required) 1986 Dreadnok Ground Assault Stinger jeep ram bar, 2 doors, & rear grab bar 1986 Swampfire rotor shaft (what the blades snap into) 1986 Terror Drome Cobra rampart shield (broken tabs okay) 1988 Tiger Rat wing light 1988 Tiger Paw rear bin cover & fenders 1988 Tiger Shark vane connector 1990 Sky Patrol Sky Hawk fins & tail FIGURES (ranked by year) 1986 Leatherneck Mission Brazil right arm & unbroken waist 1986 Stratoviper right leg (his right) and unbroken waist 1987 Gyro Viper torso front & right foot 1988 Recondo TF arms 1989 Track Viper waist (unbroken) 1993 Snow Serpent (mail away; incomplete okay) 2002 Viper (purple/black) or just torso 2009 black Cobra Trooper with gold sigil (Chinese custom) ACCESSORIES 1989 TARGAT jetpack x2 1991 Dusty backpacks (brown; need a few) Accessory Pack Monkeywrench harpoon gun x1 OTHER 1986 Milton Bradley trading cards (particularly early characters' art ones) NON-JOE Star Wars Sandcrawler (vintage or reissue) Star Wars 1982 Vehicle Maintenance Energizer (with all the tools) Star Wars vintage Death Star playset grey straight support (level 1) Transformers Squawkbox (Squawktalk & Beastbox)
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    Have these for $10

    1984 VAMP Mk.II 3 missles
    1987 Dominator snow tank antenna
    1989 Mudfighter 1 bomb

    1982 Stalker v.1.5 both arms unbroken thumbs
    1982 Clutch v.1 worn out w/thumbs (for custom)
    1988 Blizzard waist w/unbroken crotch

    Have these for another $7:
    1982 or 1983 body parts (just not Flash/Grand Slam bodies)
    not in the best shape:
    2 sets of legs
    stalker head waist and legs
    hawk chest
    rock and roll head
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    Many thanks to seller & just_joes_by_mike for selling/trading some items! List updated with a few small additions.
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    ***cyko's want list and items for sale vintage & new***

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    Here's someone with Accessory Pack Monkeywrench rifles:
    Patrick A. Riley's G.I. Joe STORE


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