GI Joe #6 - Spoilers

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    GI Joe #6 - Spoilers

    I read somewhere that the writer said the pace was going to pick up with this issue and that this issue ended a story arc. Exactly what was the story arc? Because nothing much was really resolved. The Joes haven't learned anything about Cobra, at least as far as we know. Was this the story of how Destro came to be allied long term with Cobra? Because that's the only conclusion I've seen reached by the end of this arc. Supposedly the writer is writing for the trade paperbacks, but I can't see what story these first 6 issues have told.

    I'll keep buying this book because I love the art and I like any new Joe content, but I feel like I'm getting ripped off with the $4 price tag and the slow moving story. Compare it to the 10 issues for $20 we get in the reprints of the Marvel books, and storywise it's probably equivalent to 30 issues of this book, which would cost, what? $120?? While I do love the art, I'd be happy if a little less of the focus was on the art and a little more on the story.

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    I have to agree. This new series is taking a LONG time to tell us anything.

    I still enjoy every issue though. But each issue doesn't quite wet the appetite by itself.

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    I hate to say it but I already stopped reading all of the titles. I lasted three issues for all of them. I discovered I just didn't care what happened to their characters and it wasn't worth the hassle of ordering them online. Sad..

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    G.I. Joe #006 was released yet?

    If not, do you know when?

    Thanks for your info.

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    It was released last Wed, 6/24. If your store didn't have it, it wouldn't be the first time one of these GI Joe titles was a week late in hitting some areas. At least 2 or 3 times I've gone to the comic shop on the release date, only to find nothing there yet, while others on the web have their copy in hand.

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    Diamond messed up my stores order and I didnt get it till today..

    whistles...... it was a doozy I enjoyed it liked the direction it took especially with Destro on that last page, very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerc13
    I feel like I'm getting ripped off with the $4 price tag
    You will soon be able to say that about every title on the stands as they are ALL going to be at $4. Most likely before the year is out. (It's a bold move since comics aren't exactly good these days). I've had to cross out four titles from my pull list and NOT because I don't like the books.

    I'm sticking with GI Joe. Though I have considered droping it. We're down to two monthlies now, so that's $4 saved each month. Plus each is on their way into a new storyline so I'll give it a chance.

    I'm starting to think that my Resolute Destro was kind of a "preview" figure in a way because he came with some kind of "battle damaged" right arm. The sleeve is torn up and he's got (what looks like) a robotic arm under it. Maybe it's the full-body armor that he has in this new comic.

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    Have you guys known of any delay on receiving G.I. Joe #6? I have some friends that reported that they never saw that issue on their local comic shops.

    EDIT: Nevermind, my friend got to find one issue. Thanks a lot.
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    I've managed to get an issue:

    - I think there's no story arc around here. It's just a really big story being told month after month. There were some issues that were more connected, but I think this series, just like recently comics, will be on the lines of what X-Men always were, a comic book soap opera you have to follow monthly. I kind of like this format, if the story goes well, and for now it does.

    - Some complaints: Destro is now Doctor Von Doom? Why recently writers need to make characters to wear masks because of some sort of accident or disease? Destro doesn't need to wear a mask, he wants to. It's some sort of a trophy from his family.

    Even if Destro doesn't wear his mask all the time (I liked the civilian Destro, with the Scottish themed suit), he would still have it as his clan trophy. Making McCullen to wear a metal mask as a side effect of this MASS device was going against the core of the character mythos in my opinion.

    About the MASS device: I liked how Dixon took this device from the cartoon and took out all the corniness from it and made it look like a viable piece of hi-tech sci-fi equipment for the comic book G.I. Joe universe.

    I liked also the Scarlett and SE being rogue and I'm curious why they went into this road. I can't wait for the next issue.

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    New Continuity x Old Continuity.

    Following from this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by jamarmiller
    FYI: I think everyone has their own taste and all but for me the story in the main title is aweful. Dr Doom, I mean destro? no thank you LOL the art and colors are amazing though but for me the DDP stuff was far far far better than anything IDW has done.
    I agree with you on that. I don't like what they did with Destro. I think they didn't get what makes Destro tick. He wears his mask out of pride not necessity.

    Origins is good classic Larry Hama but with it being new continuity I just dont buy them.
    IDWs a good company I just dont care for the new continuity
    Origins is making everything in this new continuity worthwhile.


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