Yellow Stalker - Silent Auction

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    Yellow Stalker - Silent Auction

    This is a silent auction for the ultra-rare 25th Anniversary "Yellow" Stalker.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Take a look at what you're bidding on

    - This figure was originally bought solely as an investment and has pretty much been on display in my collection from the time I got it. Yes this is definitely the yellow Stalker from wave 3 and you'll see that the card lies fairly flat on my table. There is a bit of wear along the top of the silver border but otherwise the card is case fresh and the bubble is very clean. Yellow Stalker will also be sent to you in an acrylic case similiar to the ones AFA hands out. I want to stress this is not AFA graded, I'm just including a nice display case for you.

    2. Send me a PM stating your bid before the deadline (September 14th, 2008, 12 midnight EST).

    3. I'm posting this auction on a number of G.I. Joe message boards so on Monday I'll go through all PMs and notify the highest bidder. At which point I'll ask for their shipping information.

    4. I want to find out exact shipping for the highest bidder. I'm not into gouging, this shipping is being taken very seriously, the highest bidder will get insurance and a tracking number. Because it is going to be well packed it does have a bit of weight to it. If the highest bidder wants higher service (UPS overnight or the like) and is willing to pay for it, it's all good to me - otherwise it's through Canada Post, insured and tracked!

    5. Highest bidder will pay their winning bid + exact S/H (once i find that out) via Paypal gauranteed.
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    two days, no PMs, I thought there was a high demand for this piece - think I'm going to cut my losses and just eBay it. Thanks for looking.
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