Looking for a Cobra emlem wall stencil


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    Looking for a Cobra emlem wall stencil

    Just bought a house and am now in the process of painting the "toy room" I'm looking to paint the walls blue with a large Cobra emblem in the center. Anyone have any ideas where I can purchase a stencil to make it as accurate as possible?

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    Seriously doubt they make one. But you could make your own, shouldn't be that hard. You could get some really big posterboards fold them in half, free hand one half of the Cobra emblem on them and cut it out in similar fashion to the way you'd make a heart shape valentine card back in elementary school. Or you could go get a projector, project the emblem on the wall, and trace around it. I'd probably go the projector route myself.

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    print out or photo copy the image. then glue it to thin card board(like cereal box) or vanilla folder. then cut it out and youll have a perfect stencil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by germ
    print out or photo copy the image. then glue it to thin card board(like cereal box) or vanilla folder. then cut it out and youll have a perfect stencil.
    A vanilla folder? (I'm speechless)
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    Find a shop that does signs and vinyl. See what the price is for a large Cobra symbol that you can stick on your wall. If you ever get sick of it just peel it off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Sport
    A vanilla folder? (I'm speechless)
    I perfer my folders Chocolate or Neapolitan, my self.

    Anyway I digress...

    I would just print out and make my own stencil, as suggested above. I bet it would work fine if you just used some heavier paper (like some people use for printing greeting cards or business cards)
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    ok wait...is it pronounced manilla folder ? haha

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    well, if you can find a print shop with a poster printer that isn't so strict with their copyright beliefs, take a B&W copy of an emblem to them and have it blown up to the size you want on very heavy stock paper... THen just cut it out. This is the only way I could think to get a rather large one.


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