AFA Dial Tone & Roadblock +more

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    AFA Dial Tone & Roadblock +more

    I have the chance to purchase afa graded (80) Dialtone and Roadblock from my friend. What would be a good price to buy these for? Seeing as how we're both pretty clueless about general prices of gijoes. Also may be able to buy a Mutt and lady Jay still on their card. What about those. They are the first version of these characters, the plastic is still clear and the card has no rips and only a little bending. The lady jay does have a little rip from the price tag being removed on the upper right corner.

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    Which Roadblock- '86 or '84? I posted some suggestions in your other thread for finding prices. Completed ebay auctions may be the best bet.

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    They're both form 86 and I tried looking up on Ebay for completed auctions but there werent any.

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  6. #4 is fairly decent for carded values, maybe just a titch low. You can add on the grading cost sometimes to get closer. And also as I said in the other thread, Brian's Toys has all of their sold inventory online, so you can see what they went for when they sold there.
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    Here's what I would say from watching Ebay:

    '86 Roadblock (AFA 80) - $100
    '86 Dial Tone (AFA 80) - $100
    Lady Jaye - $100
    Mutt - $175


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