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    Caption this Joe Pic

    Hey gang

    Always enjoy reading the "Caption the above avatar" game- why not try it with pictures of our collection. I will try one:

    "I'm a chopper pilot, leave that noseart to the flyboys!!"
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    "Hey fellas, come on in and see this new carpet we bought!!!"

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    The Target stickers were so poorly made the only use for them was flooring for the weapons room of the Pit!

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    Good ones guys, good ones-

    ok- here is another one

    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    For the Lift-Ticket one: "Man, that Duke guy is so vain. He even put up a plaque with his name on it in here!"
    For the Beach-Head one: COBRA Commander: "Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! The Joes will never find this gun station now! Not with my new neon paint job! My arm hurts."
    COBRA Trooper: "I wish he'd go away. Freak."
    Beach-Head: "Hey! Somebody dropped a penny! Find a penny, pick it up. All the day you'll have good luck!"
    Read my blog, or I will replace all your Argen 7 figs with Crystal Balls!

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    Fun ones Sam!! Those are great captions!!

    I am hoping someone can come up with something clever for the yellow cannons.
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    Trooper: aha perfect spot to set up I mean there isnt anything around here that the joes would consider a target at all.
    CC: Of course numbskull, after all I picked out this spot didnt I?

    Beach head whispering: Long Range you have to wait... I know you want to fire at that yellow cannon but IM UNDER IT!
    Long Range: Duh why do you think I want to fire now!

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    Trooper with a lisp: I knew this cannon would be the perfect color to match my accessories!
    Cobra Commander: Fierce!
    Beach-Head: oh my...

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    "Mainframe your time travel gizmo worked Im back in 1992!"


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