New and Remastered Vehicles!

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    New and Remastered Vehicles!

    Six new vehicles added or updated!

    Moray (1985)
    Cobra Stun (1986)
    Army Recon Mission (1997)
    Sharc Tooth (2008)
    Firebat Jet (2008)
    Mech (2008)

    Special thanks to Tim Mizak for his help in completing this update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PJDonnell
    Moray (1984)
    that would be 1985

    Thanks for all your work guys - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    Man, I could swear I typed 1985 there in the first place.

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    very nice ...but why on the sharctooth did you put the no access on the canopy ... I put mine on the back wall of the cockpit ....

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    Probably because Hasbro put it there on their prototype -

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    However, since it's likely an error, I went ahead and corrected the photos.

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    .... you gotta tell me how you do those photos, I could help you finish out the vehicle side of the site.


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