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Thread: UBP all gone?

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    While I have seen the occassional UBP since I bought mine, I did notice this same phenomenon at one Target in particular. I saw them on an end cap, at the back of an aisle one day, but then they were gone a few days later. There was no empty shelf with a tag saying "G.I. Joe Ultimate Battle Pack". It's like that Target put them out and then took them back. I'd like to think that they all got sold, which is good for future Joe vehicles, but I dobut that is what occured.

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    My local Target's stores have redid the toy ailes and they put the battle packs out on the shelves, any shelf that was availalbe. Some are on endcaps, some on shelves in the action figure ailes, and on shelves on the other side of the action figure ailes.

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    Last night there were 7 displayed at the Target I went to.

    I'm still a little irked at myself that I spent $65 and change for a red hiss and a blue flight pod.
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    There's at least 20 of them at my closest Target. I wouldn't be surprised if these hit multiple rounds of clearanace.

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    THey're growing roots on the shelf here :-)

    I would venture to out a week from Monday to pick one up if I had any desire to get one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Missal
    THey're growing roots on the shelf here :-)

    I would venture to out a week from Monday to pick one up if I had any desire to get one...
    excellent im sure it will be a beautiful day

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    I'm pretty sure my bro got me one for Christmas, but if they do hit the clearance aisle, I'll be on those like Goldust on Razor Ramon.

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    I'll wait for clearance... and if I miss the clearance, that's ok too.
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    IDK about this one...

    ... I picked up one two weeks ago and wasn't crazy about the price however I'm trying to be a completist with this line. So just out of curiosity I start checking around on-line and all of the usual on-line sellers have them marked up to about $100.

    Now if the $65 price tag is a pain, why would the on-line sites as well as sellers on eBay think that $100 is a fair price for this set.

    FYI, if you break down the package you can justify the $65 price tag, that's how I talked myself into getting it.
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    Ebay Sellers are trying to make a profit of ~$35...

    Feel bad for anyone that pays more then retail.... because they are everywhere...
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