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Thread: UBP all gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rah-digga
    ... I picked up one two weeks ago and wasn't crazy about the price however I'm trying to be a completist with this line. So just out of curiosity I start checking around on-line and all of the usual on-line sellers have them marked up to about $100.

    Now if the $65 price tag is a pain, why would the on-line sites as well as sellers on eBay think that $100 is a fair price for this set.

    FYI, if you break down the package you can justify the $65 price tag, that's how I talked myself into getting it.
    Maybe for international buyers it seems reasonable since that is the only way to get those.

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    I just came back from Target today. The store was crazy. They were just throwing stuff out there so people could scoop it up. Even with that situation, there were still 3-4 of the UBPs on the end cap and 2 more in the aisle. They also had 2 of the Sarlacc Pit sets from the Star Wars line sitting there. That just proves the prices were way too high.

    I am holding out for clearance on that Star Wars set. I want it, but not for $63. If I miss out, oh well. I have the skiff from a few years ago.

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    I just got back from target, they had about 10 of them. I decide to scan one of them to check the price and it said $52.99... If no one got it for me as an Xmas gift I think I'll be picking it up on Friday

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    I picked it up today for a little over $40. I still think that I overpaid, but there are still so many in the area, I am confident that I can get it when it goes down to 70% off and return this one.

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    THey're $54.99 at my store. Thsee are NOT clearance prices, but PRICE CUTS, which means that once it hits clearance it will be what ever % off of the $55 price and not the 63 price.

    John M>
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    can't wait for a yojoe review of this thing. I'd like one, but there's no Target near me. I'm glad they seem to be abundant.

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    It's $44.08 right now at my Target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egomaniac
    It's $44.08 right now at my Target.
    I'm going to swing by my targets this evening, that's a price I would not mind payn

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    Picked up two at the 44.98 price. it's worth it. The mobat still sucks and is the exact one they released in 1998, even has the same copywrite date molded into the tank. The Cobra Commander Flight pod is actually kind of cool, instead of the SB sticker it has a CC sticker to further identify it as being chrome dome's bubble. The hiss tank commander is nice and so is the Cobra Gunner, the gunner is actually my favorite. Steeler's helmet doesn't fit at all, which is horible. The short Fuze is okay, but not the best figure in the world either.

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    There's one left at the local Target. $56.
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