Another "Can someone identify a Joe knock-off?" thread

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    Another "Can someone identify a Joe knock-off?" thread

    I stumbled upon an eBay auction with a peculiar figure in it. I believe I used to have a figure from this line when I was young, but I can't find anything on the toyline. I strictly remember the prevalent red/yellow/blue color scheme. The figure I'm talking about is in the second row next to Outback. Any ideas?

    Item #170287199619

    The figure I used to have had a red vest, blue sleeves, and a flat top ala Mercer v.1.


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    I cannot remember the name, but each figure comes with battle armor or a mini vehicle. They can all combine to form a helicopter, jet, or a tank. Plus all three vehicles can combine to form a mega vehicle.

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    I'm just wondering who the little robot looking guy is. is that a micronaut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadman2099
    I'm just wondering who the little robot looking guy is. is that a micronaut?
    The blue translucent figure in the upper left is a Micronaut, yes.

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    They're called "Unifighters". Made by Galoob. Kinda hard to find, I lucked out and got a few from one seller. They're cool, if bright, figures.
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    Yeah, UNI-FIGHTERS from 1991. Each figure came with a backpack/armor of sorts that turned into a mini-vehicle which was part of a larger vehicles. Some figure parts were reused. Part of them were made of softer plastic like new sculpt/25th. (Makes one wonder why it took Hasbro so long to do that with ARAH hands.) I think they reused parts, too, not every figure was a unique sculpt.

    There were 4 teams with a few members each. Marine Helicopter (3), Air Force Jet (3), an odd Navy hovercraft (4) and an Army tank (5).

    I had 2 Navy, 1 air force and maybe one marine. The figure in that lot looks to be Air Force.

    I asked for them on Xmas, but looking back I should've asked for Joes. The figures were fairly cool, the vehicle pack thing was lame. The vehicles they formed were silly and undersized. The figures were $10 each at Kay-Bees, IIRC.

    Carded example here
    Unifighters figure

    Info in an old newsletter
    Yojoe Newsletter Issue 12
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    Here's a catalog pic if you want to try to find your specific figure. (Sorry for the size; this is all I could dig up.)
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