1997 & 1998 toys r us joes


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    1997 & 1998 toys r us joes

    hi, i have all of the 1997 & 1998 toys r us exclusive g.i. joes. can someone tell me the currnet going price for all of these? could someone give me a break down of everything with current values of the toy? i'm looking to sell some of my joes in the future but i could use some help. any would be appreciated. thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crimson_fox
    Can someone tell me the currnet going price for all of these?
    This is hard to tell because there is no official prices for vintage toys. It is based, as a seller, on your evaluation and on the evaluation of the buyer. Even if I tell your that 1 fig has a $300 value and you beleive me, if nobody want it, you will maybe sell it on eBay for $5...

    I think 3 factors influence the market right now:
    1. The 1997/1998 line is cool (this is something that increase the value).
    2. The new 25th ann. line make, somehow, the vintage prices going down. Let's face it, Hasbro release about 5 or 6 years of figs/vehicles in 1 year and a half. So people can't buy as much the new toys and support the vintage market at the sametime. People make choices. So, this point decrease the value of vintage figs.
    3. The economy... when you lost your house (or about to lose it), you don't buy toys... another point that decrease their value (But, again, this is only my opinion).

    Five years ago, I wasn't aware myself about the 1997/1998 line. At first, I paid $20-$30 for some figs. Last year, I bought more army builders for less than $15 each. And this year about $10/each.

    So, to your short question, that was my long answer.

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