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    I am definitely inching towards ripping the thing open without having those second thoughts.

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    Is the other other the same? Different tape job, better seam?

    If you've got room to display it, I say go for it. I can't think of anything cooler than a Flagg displayed with the beautiful box behind it as a backdrop!

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    The Flagg's ends were taped with clear tape like this. And it ran along the edge for the length of the sideflaps as well as being reinforced with a perpendicular strip at the halfway point like this box.

    An explanation for the tear in the red stripe is that the Flagg was shipped in a container sleeve that was open on either end and taped to the Flagg. You could get paper tearing from the removal of that without opening the box.

    This could be retaped, but from your photo so far, it looks MISB.

    Every MISB Flagg I've seen has this tape configuration. Including the two graded ones I know about.

    The misalignment of the flaps and gap is more concerning than the tape. I agree that a factory sealed box ought to have a better meeting of joints.

    Just look for additional paper tearing or a sublayer of tape. Because they packed it with packing tape to non-glossy cardboard, it's nigh-impossible to remove tape cleanly from this box. If there's no tearing, and no double-taping, and the edges of the flaps look relatively unstressed, I'd call it MISB.

    For Comparison:

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    Are you considering selling this item?

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    Thank you for your assessment. I am going to take more pictures to post. It has always been a treasured belonging for me, but I guess I didn't realize how special it really may be.

    I didn't realize it was going for so much, but I guess that is not that important to me. I am still very tempted to finally open it after so many years. But, it is a difficult decision as I know there will be one less MISB FLAGG out in existance.
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    Could the (what appears to be) water damage on the left side have caused the cardboard to slip out from under the tape a bit? That might explain why the flaps don't meet perfectly.

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    Yes that is a result of a flood the midwest experienced a few years ago. Water rose about 2 inches in the basement.

    The history behind this find is this. I left work early one day back in '98/'99 as I had discovered a local antique store/mall that had a vendor that was selling a ton of vintage toys. He had such an awesome inventory that literally I did not know where to start. He had MIB stuff left and right including Transformers, Thudercats, Masters of the Universe and Star Wars. Of course the biggest things in the room were this DEFIANT and FLAGG.

    I asked the price and he said $600 for each. I was working part-time and going to school at the time and that seemed like a ton of money. For whatever reason, I plopped my credit card down and hauled them away that day.

    They had been in my parents basement for about 8 years until I got married and purchased my own home. I have been in my home for about a year now and decided to set-up my collection in the basement. I brought out the DEFIANT and now I am probably going to set-up the FLAGG.

    Whatever happened to that guy? I went back a few times after that and bought a loose complete Optimus Prime (I own a MISB Opti as well, interesting buy and story for a different day) a MIB Omega Supreme and MIB Jet Fire, with the Robotech symbol. I lost track of him and actually just last week went and visited the area to find out the store had closed and been converted into a bar. Bummer...

    P.S. I would really be interested in tracking down a Missle Command Center if I ever got the chance. If any one has any leads, please let me know.
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    Good looking piece. I have to agree with the rest that it does not "look" like it is factory sealed, but I sure don't "know". If I owned it, I would not call it MISB. My guess would be that it was retaped at some point, whether by an owner subsequent to retail or by the retailer, but it sure does not look factory sealed to me.

    Great find for that price, whether 10 years ago or not. I know first hand that piecing together an imcomplete loose one sure can cost a lot more than $600... great looking piece and I sure would love to see pics once you open it and through the assembly process, if you are willing to share.

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    Absolutely Master at Arms. I would love to share! I will document the opening and assembly and post for all to see...

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    When my dad built mine, he was smart enough to assemble it on a sheet of drywall so I could slide it all over the carpet and move it with ease. I'd suggest something like that for sure so you can lift it in one piece.


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