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    Sure, All the way!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Napy
    I been in Mexico alot lately, in Gudalajara, Monterrey, Veracruz and Im always going straight to the toy ile in Wal Mart. And guess what! all they have is those ugly looking, who would buy,robot-looking! sigma six garbage!!! Oh but they got tons of Star Wars!!!! Who Cares! No queremos Estar Guars! Queremos YIAYO compadre!!!!!:mad:

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    I'd love to have a figure in a suit, but I couldn't buy President B.O.
    Thats as far as I can go, and keep this A-political.
    C. M.

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    Only if it was regular price, but **** yeah it would be funny. Reagan might be more appropriate since the joes are an 80's property though.

    I'm still looking forward to those GI Joe style marvel figs so I can have Snake Eyes Fighting Captain America or Iron Man or something.

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    If I am going to get politicians in 1/18 form I would prefer Arnold and Jesse the Body in the Predator motif.

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    hey! your chocolate is in my peanut butter
    (great commercial good candy)
    Hey! your reality is in my fantasy just tastes bad.
    keep the real figures out of it.
    Now Indiana Jones could make a ton of reality figures that would collect dust, from Hitler to Teddy Roosevelt to any other historical character from the Young Indy Chronicles, but only because they were part of that storyline.
    but like I said they would collect dust, there is a reason these kind of figures including the librarian figure and einstein figure just arent generating all that much hoopla and excitement.

    Are we are getting a Dennis Quaid figure, a Sienna Miller figure? a Channing Tatum figure? nope we are gettin a Hawk and a Baroness and yet another Duke
    Do you call your Darth Maul a Ray Park figure? didnt think so.
    reality+fantasy= bad taste in the mouth.

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    I'd buy one if he came with a 1/18th scale Blackberry that I could take away from him. Then give it back to him later.

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    Keep in mind, that a new suit body could also mean that we coudl get a Hector Ramirez action figure in addition to Tomax and Xamot.

    I think a President Obama G.I. Joe would be the Fridge of this line, both cashing in on a very popular figure. And speaking of cashing in, an Obama G.I. Joe would at least be a lot more dignified than the lame collector's plates and coins that are being sold on TV.

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    Thumbs up

    Dude, I am ALL OVER the Osama vs. Obama two-pack! Sign me up Hasbro!
    I haven't been around much because Facebook is such a time suck. So join me!

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    Hmmmm, an Obama GI JOE fig would be kinda cool, and seeing as he's now the Commander-in-Chief of the American force, there would be some degree of legitimacy behind the figure. Personally, I think it would be too much of a blatant cash-grab by Hasbro and the market is already saturated with Obama merchandise. I think Marvel Comics had the right idea with their latest Siderman issue, though. Obama was a HUGE comic book geek and it's cool to see that fact acknowledged by a publisher.

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