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    Does the President even know GI Joe exists? I always thought they were treated like MIB, only those on a need-to-know basis, know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msv
    I would and I think he should be dressed in a suit.
    If he came with a Birth Certificate accessory, I would buy it.

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    Convention pack complete with his cabinet or all the czars.
    Blackberry and teleprompter accessories
    It would be great for CG's at work fodder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey Stinson
    If he came with a Birth Certificate accessory, I would buy it.
    Haha, nice. You won't find one though

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    Well, even if we never get POTUS or the Ventura/Schwarzenegger 2-pack we can still get a Senator Al Franken!

    Whoo! (?)

    @Cory Stinson: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama...ertificate.asp
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    I have avoided making any comments about the doofus that Obama replaced for the sake of not turning this into a political discussion.It seems however to be turning into an episode of Fox and Friends.I understand some people do not like the policies of the current administration, but instead of trying to be witty (and failing ) why not just answer the question with a yes or no.Otherwise it will get ugly and the mods will have to shut it down.

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    Sure you can talk about historic Joe figures and the potential of what you would like to see in an Obama one....

    But anymore discussion in politics will result in temporary suspensions. This is one of the oldest most well known no's on this site - some of them I know you know full well about them. There is no excuse in particular for your behavior. Set the right example.
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    No to the BO fig.
    Yes to a Ronald Reagan and a JFK fig. Reagan because he was Pres. during the height of ARAH figs, and JFK because he is the Prez that commissioned Joseph B. Colton to be the original G.I. Joe and start the team.

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    Edit: posted before I read the warning. Sorry

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    By himself, no. Nor would I want any other president.

    Now if the character was included in some kind of themed "rescue the President" style multifigure pack, sure. Of course with that said, any president would work there, even a generic "Mr. President" figure.
    *insert something witty here*


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