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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Leavitt
    Yes, what happened to Resolute?
    the toy fairs not over i assume that the are hold back certain info for a later time

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    I for one am glad they are putting the vintage line on hold for a while. I know some people are upset, but now they can give the wallets a rest, and the completist doesn't have to spend twice as much for that period of time. I don't think my wallet could have sustained that amout of spending.

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    So I'm guessing that with the announcement of the 7 Packs, then the last wave of Vehicles is dead not just delayed? Bummer I was wanting at least 1 Stinger Officer and a Couple of the Artic HISS drivers.

    I'm also hoping Range-Viper gets a new Sculpt helmet, the DTC helmet is a bit too cartoony.
    Wanted: 3x Resolute Snake Eyes Glider Packs, 2X POC Spirit Vest, 2X Shocktrooper Helmets, Shocktroopers Please and Thanks!

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    Six army builders being in one pack is something. I've completed my ideal Cobra army, but I can't say that the thought of buying five of those Cobra packs to get thirty extra army builders hasn't crossed my mind. I don't know if I'd want to do that because I'm not sure on the price or the availability. Either way, I have to get at least one Joe and one Cobra pack. I like everything that's in them.

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    I'm out of the Joe game right now (focused more on my Star Trek collection), but you guys should be jumping right now. Those 7 packs have given collectors a number of figures that message boards have been whining about for over a year.

    Enough whining! Time to celebrate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnok4life
    Was there any news regarding the Resolute line and cartoon? Is that line dead now too?
    To quote: "It's coming."

    Not much info I know.
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    Resolute cartoon

    In yesterday’s Q&A with Hasbro at the 2009 Toy Fair, it was asked if the new G.I.Joe: Resolute animated series was still going to be released or if it had been put on hold. Aaron Archer from Hasbro though wasn’t forthcoming with a lot of details did say that the series would still be released and that they were finishing up work on the series. Still no actual release date has been given though my guess is that it won’t be until sometime after the new movie hits theaters.

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    classic vehicles update

    quote from, so is the above post

    For those wondering what the fate of Hasbro's 5th wave of vehicles that had been solicitated by many etailers a few months ago only later to be canceled, I had an opportunity yesterday at Toy Fair to talk with Hasbro's G.I.Joe Brand Manager Neal Hoffman who said these were on hold for now. He was almost certain they would eventually get released in some way, but that for now they were concentrating on getting Movie product to shelves. This wave included the following:

    - Arctic HISS with Arctic Driver
    - Claw Glider & Flak Cannon w/Outback
    - Stinger Jeep with Stinger Commander

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    That's unfortunate. I think Hasbro should release those vehicles as online exclusives and be done with them.


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