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    Cool Adventure Team

    last year Hasbro mentioned 3 3/4 Aventure Team figures.
    I hope they do some this year

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    Interesting list

    Traditional 25th figures shown at Toy Fair include:

    B.A.T., Recondo, Chuckles, Hit & Run, Outback, Dr. Mindbender, Range Viper, Alley Viper, Night Viper, Strato Viper, Wet Suit & Altitude!

    Just announced at Toy Fair are the following:

    Wave 2 will consist of:

    Unmasked Storm Shadow, Duke in Black Suit(Accelerator?), Deep Six, & Snake Eyes w/Trenchcoat & Timber!

    A Cobra Gunship was shown. This helicopter is part of the bravo vehicle assortment.

    The Night Raven has a fold-up handle, comes with Strato-Viper(listed as Air Viper), and has traditional box art packaging.

    The PIT will have 84 pegs for figures to stand on, comes in a 2ft high x 3ft wide box, has traditional box art packaging as well as TONS of fan nods!

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    It's at least nice to see the return of traditional box art.

    I wonder if Altitude is going to be a 25th Rip Cord under a different name?

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    Why not check this site first? I am uploading as quickly as possible.
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    sweet i cant wait for toyfair , tomorrow here we come

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    Your pics are cool too dockingbay, I don't mean any disrespect. I just saw that site and thought I'd share. There appears to be a blonde Joe in one of your pictures of the Joe base. Is that the movie covergirl?

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    Yes there is a blonde Cover Girl
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

    You can’t stop the signal

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    Good pictures but I am awaiting, with baited breath, the classic series.
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