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    i have a feeling these 7-pack exclusive sets are going to finish the 25th & Resolute lines. i was hoping that HASBRO wouldn't do this. i haven't bought
    much of the line, but i know their are a ton of other collectors who were
    really looking forward to the STINGER 4WD & FLAK w/CLAW set too.

    personally i wouldn't have minded seeing & probably buying a NF Lt. Falcon. oh well....i try not to think about what came of DTC Wave 6, in particular, DTC Night Viper. they think i can afford $$.$$ for 1 figure?!? especially when the last 6 DTC were all but ready to ship to retail in 06' (it would have cost $5 or so @retail). oh well, i guess i can thank the "big suits" at Hasbro, once again.

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    I'm psyched about the cobra 7-pack for dr. mindbender, alley viper, night creeper and the strato-viper.

    The joe set, I'm not too thrilled with, to be honest. Any joe's I get will be movie desert ambush scarlett and movie cover girl.

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    Dear RATtler,
    believe me the 2 seven set have re-fired my hopes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeEyes2184
    Will they be showing more Joe stuff tommorrow. If so I think they showed all the movie stuff today. Everything that was reported of the Movie was shown. Now my question is will they show more Joe stuff tommorrow or is this it.
    That is it.
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    Was there any news regarding the Resolute line and cartoon? Is that line dead now too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ford
    Now what will people have to complain about?
    Nothing. Which is really what Joe fans have had to complain about for the last two years. So my thoughts:

    Liking what I see with the classic 7 packs. Recondo is going to look sweet with web gear and a hat. Glad they added guys like Hit n Run, Chuckles and Outback.

    Movie toys are still a big maybe. I can see myself picking up Scarlett, Duke, and SE for sure. Probably Cover Girl and Shipwreck (so IS he in the movie?) There are still a lot of movie designs that I'm really not crazy about and can't see myself picking up the figures (Breaker, Viper, Cobra Commander).

    Vehicles...I'll probably have to pass on. All of them. Not that I see anything too terrible, just don't have room.

    Any figure over 3 3/4''....easy pass.

    Two general questions about the line:

    IS Resolute all done (where's Snake Eyes?)
    Are single card 25th Joes all done after wave 13?

    Thanks for the pictures. Some good stuff.

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    ZOMG the 7 packs. Wetsuit and Chuckles were some of the first figs i ever got, so i am crazy excited for those. nostalgia kicked my butt when i got the bomber jacket hawk at the same TRU as the original....

    and the cobra 7 pack looks awesome as **** too!!! i hopehopeHOPE they release the various vipers on single cards, otherwise i may have a few too many dr mindbenders running around. maybe ill just make it like a cloning experiment gone wrong lol...

    anyone have any idea when those should be available? didnt read ALL the comments...

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    30 Cobra packs will be mine. Oh yes.
    The Battle For Canada is coming

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    Yes, what happened to Resolute?
    Once upon a time there were TV commercials for G.I.Joe comics. They were generated by an ad agency at the clip of four per year. Whatever was shown in the commercial had to be in the comic. I got stuck with Serpentor, Tomax, Xamot and a host of silly characters. I did my best to make them work because it was a matter of doing the job. If you have a squad of losers, you still have to go out on patrol. I drew the line at Cobra-La and a few others. There are no plans for future commercials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePrime
    I knew it! Altitude is Rip Cord.
    Yeah you called that one. you work at Hasbro?


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