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    Snake Armor

    I need some help. A friend of mine has a Snake Armor for sale. Its in the box, but the box is about C-7 condition. He won it in a large auction and should be getting it soon. Everything is included but I dont know if its still bagged or loose in the box. What do these normally sell for? I really want one and I think its a great deal. Sorry the description isnt great. When it comes in I'll try to post some pics. Thanks!
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    Definitely find out if it is bagged in the box or if it is removed from box (loose WITH box).

    By itself, about $12, with box, $20. Bagged in the box (MIOB) closer to about $40. Sealed box c7 condition, I have not seen recently, but I would say on the order of about $70 (mint box closer to $100 to 120, high end)

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