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    Quote Originally Posted by Pit Viper
    Any real Joe fan has a 20 gallon bucket full of weapons so Hasbro could never even include a gun with another figure and you'd be OK with it. Just throw those spring loaded missile launchers in the trash and arm them with something from your arsenal.
    Ha ha, Mine's not quite that big, but you're right there. I always have extra pistols for any 25th figures that are missing them thankfully.

    I like the Cobra Hummer more every time I see it.

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    What are they going to show at Toy Fair now that they showed all these?

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    saw on they have a list of some of the figures for the live action film

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satandy
    I like the Cobra Hummer more every time I see it.
    I feel the same way about both the H2 and the new Night Raven.

    Quote Originally Posted by Falcone
    What are they going to show at Toy Fair now that they showed all these?
    They might have some Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow figures planned.

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    I can't work out the proportions of the Night Raven - it really doesn't look like it fits the figure it comes with, let alone 2 in that cockpit. Hopefully we'll get some close-ups photos from the Toyfair.
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    The Toy Movie's Cataloge.


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    Quote Originally Posted by neapolitan joe
    Wow- I was joking in my earlier post when I mentioned "flashing lights and sounds". Oh well. Perhaps I'll have a more positive feeling when I see the product on the shelf.

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    Great! More toys ruined by silly spring-loaded crap. I really think the best thing here are the figures. The movie figs look all right as figures. I really like some of the figures with the vehicles though. Nice to see the Motor-Viper, and Thunder. Don't care too much for the vehicles. I really want to like the Night Raven, but it just has too much against it. Even if it wasn't horribly undersized (not just in comparison to a classic NR either!) stupid spring-loaded missiles totally ruin the look of it. Sorry, but I've been in the military, and in aviation, and missiles never shoot out of engines! I can deal with the NR being smaller than before, but they went way too small. It looks like the single figure it will hold will barely fit, and will probably be laying down at that. Just poor design there. Honestly, it doesn't have to be real-world practical (most of the Joe stuff really isn't) but it does have to be at least a little plausible with some suspension of disbelief. This just requires too much.
    Pretty much same with the H2 (I guess). Too much like a cheap Tonka truck, it reminds me of the designs from GvC/Spy Troops/VvV lines that were so horrible, I either passed on them to begin with, or they were the first ones to go once I started weeding the crap out of my collection. I'm afraid we'll see a lot of these with swapped figures, even though the Motor-Viper is not one of the most popular figures in the line.

    And no, the majority of complaints I see in this thread are focused on the toys, and not the opinion of the movie. I don't see why some people are so big on defending the supposed greatness of this movie that they've never seen yet (same for the detractors) that they have to tie legitimate criticism of the toys to movie-bashing. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

    EDIT: Okay, the more I look at the H2, well, I'm still not thrilled by it, but maybe it's not as bad as I was saying above. Hopefully it will be better in person, and it might still have some redeeming qualities, especially if the silly spring launcher is removable.
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    There was a snarky remark about the gungrip handle, but the old Conquest had one

    The cool thing is it's smaller. It still looks cool.
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