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    The figures are okay. Hawk looks very plain, though.

    The Night Raven is nice, except for those missile launchers. (Missile launchers always seem to be the problem. I wish they were outlawed completely.)

    The rest are lousy, especially that Cobra vehicle. I didn't know that Destro was so frugal as to use the Hummer H2.

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    Thumbs down Bad vehicles...

    The Firebat is bigger then this Night Raven!

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    To borrow a word from Bart Simpson, they're craptastic. Though sort of a weird mesh of styles on the vehicles; The large "Ice Dagger" looks DTC, the Night Raven looks S6, the "Rockslide" looks VvV, and the Hummer looks Tonka, only- Hmmm.... Cheaper? Is that the word? I half expect it to be motorized and have flashing lights, and sounds.

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    I kinda liked the SUV at the bottom there. I guess the driver is supposed to look like the STUN Driver?

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    The Rockslide looks nice, but bulky at the same time; have to see it live to be able to judge.

    The Ice Dagger is a ROCC wannabe; I personally don't like that style of vehicles, but I underestand it will probably be the one most people will want to have.

    That thing they mistakenly called "Night Raven" is simply ridiculous for people like us that know about the classic one, yet it is a nice plane, and Strato-Viper is extremely cool. I think this is the perfect example of what these figures are focused in: not in us, of course, although some of this stuff might appeal some of us collectors, but young people -kids- who know nothing about G.I.Joe and start from zero they knowledge about them.

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    "That thing they mistakenly called "Night Raven" is simply ridiculous for people like us that know about the classic one, yet it is a nice plane..."

    I agree, amigo!

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    I'm pretty sure a tiny piece of my childhood just died.
    The Battle For Canada is coming

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    This won't kill my childhood any more than Eco Warriors, VvV or Spy Troops did. Actually I like some of those rigs, I'll buy that snow tank for sure. The H2 I can live without. Is that Armadillo repaint still coming too? I'll buy that one as well if I can.


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