Was original Ace packaged in bubble or baggie?


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    Was original Ace packaged in bubble or baggie?

    I've seen him in a bubble with the plane before but I've also seen him sold in a baggie. Did Hasbro change it up from one year to the next or are the bagged ones (not ones with redback filecard, just figure and helmet) mail-ins or something? Any help would be appreciated because I'm trying to collect all the 80's figures sealed in their original packaging, and I want to make sure all Aces that came with the Skystriker came in a bubble.



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    Here's an auction on eBay where the accessory bag is sealed with Ace inside sealed inside a baggie. But, I know I've seen him sealed in a bubble as well. Did he come both ways or what?

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    I think Ace V1 was available as a mail away figure from '88 to '94 with other vehicle drivers, and as a single figure also. I believe the mail version was bagged. If you can see the file card and it has a red back then it was a mail away version. If it's got the cardboard brown back then it was cut off the box. Not 100% though.
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    Yes, there was a mail away redback Ace, but I'm questioning which one actually came with the Skystriker. I've seen MIB Skystrikers where people have taken the contents out on eBay for pictures and I've seen Ace sealed in a bubble and also sealed in a baggie (on other auctions...not with a redback filecard, just the figure in a baggie). I'm wondering if he was packaged both ways with the US release of the Skystriker, or if someone is substituting a set of Funskool or Takara sealed bags into a US box. I'm pretty sure the Takara (Japanese) Skystriker I saw open had Ace in a bubble. Hoping someone can shed some light on this.

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    I've had 3 MIB unused Skystrikers. Two were the earlier two parachutes version, one was the later 1 parachute version. All three had the Ace figure bagged with the Filecard separate if I remember correctly. I've never seen a bubble.


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