Big Vintage G.I. Joe Sale, with USS FLAGG with Box!

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    Talking Big Vintage G.I. Joe Sale, with USS FLAGG with Box!

    As most of you all know I scored a huge G.I. Joe lot. I have decided to keep some things and sell some things. (I will also consider trades for other vintage G.I. Joes). Below is a picture of what I got. I would like to start and take offers on some things. I will post more pics up as I go through all of this stuff. But feel free to start offering. I would like to keep things simple. I would rather sell the figures in a big lot, then file cards in a lot and so on. Most of the vehicles are not complete, but the Flagg looks to be. The only thing it looks like it is missing is Keel Haul.

    I like pie..

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    Send me a list of the figures and the Fullcards/Filecards. I might be interested.


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    I am starting to clean and separate everything now. I will post up some NEW pics on Wednesday night........hopefully!

    I am still taking cash offers and trade offers.

    I am currently looking for Vintage MOC and MINT LOOSE COMPLETE figures. Send me a list of what you have to trade.

    Please give me some time to answer pms. I have a bunch to get back to, but I want to be sure I give out the right information on all of the items.

    Right at this moment the only thing I am CERTAIN that I am keeping it the Tomahawk helicopter with Lift-Ticket.
    I like pie..


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