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    Marvel Issue 34

    I finished a 480+ page book on World War 1 and decided to take a break on historical content until the Joe movie comes out. I gathered up all my Joe comics and am reading them on lazy days (like today) to help get hyped on the movie- not that I expect it to follow any continuity, just as a fun thing to entertain myself.

    So, anyway, I just read issue 34 and forgot how awesome this one it. It's really just kind of a oneshot with Ace/Lady J in a Skystriker and Wild Weasel and Baroness in a Rattler. A lot of over the top dogfight artwork- fun just going along with it. Anyway, I really dig the end where Wild Weasel and Ace salute each other and fly off at a draw- such a classic touch to the old Enemy Ace comics.

    This issue gives Wild Weasel a bit more of a personality- he always seemed so anonymous to me with his helmet and all- just didn't seem like a character.

    Anyway, any of you fans out there who dig Ace and dogfights are sure to love this one- it's a gem!!

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    Looking at that issue in retropect, this is one of those issues that Hama had to write because the toys were being released and they had to be in the comic.

    He always did those kind of issues. And this one has been very much camoflaged because it is so good.

    I agree one of the better single story issue that ever came out of the main series run.
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    Yes, one of the best issues of the run.
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