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    Quote Originally Posted by John Missal
    Two Pythons and two tiger rats at $6.24 each... SCORE!

    John M>
    Man... still full price at my Target

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    My Target either sold it all or put it away. All of it had been in the clearance aisle but still regular priced on Monday. Today... nothing.
    Shawn Carden

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    I found 2 tiger rats ,2 pp conquests and 3 resolute 5 packs for $6.24 each whoo hoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satandy
    Man... still full price at my Target
    Wow that is strange. I suggest checking everyday. My Target flat out skipped the 50% off timeslot. They went straight from 30% off to 75% off. They even still have the 30% off sign hanging there. When they are 75% off they do not last long at all!

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    This morning went in to see what was left and there were no jets on the clearance shelf, so I went to look at the movie items to see if there was any other items not at the other stores. Then was looking at the transformers trying to find a leader size of jetfire that I have seen on ebay and stuck behind the Optimus and Megatrons was the last Python Conquest for $6.24. Who ever put it there lost out because I picked it up.

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    One of the local Targets still has a few Scarletts and Cobra Commanders for $5, and a few comic packs for $9, but that's it. My wife picked up 3 of the 12 inch Joes for $3 and some change each at that store. The other store had about 10 Conquests on Monday, but last night they had nothing left.

    Stupidly I passed on the one clearance Tiger Rat I saw, thinking I'd see it again, but never did.

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    Just got back from a Target, all they had on clearance was some Pilot Scarletts and Disguise Flints for $1.74 and two two-packs for $3.44.


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