Need help identifying Joes

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    Need help identifying Joes

    Found some more GI Joes at a garage sale this weekend.

    If you could tell me names and years (starting from left to right, 1st row, 2nd row etc) it would certainly be appreciated.

    This forum has helped me before and you guys really know your stuff! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    no problem.
    1st row:
    86 wet suit
    82 rock n roll
    86 strato viper
    82 flash
    86 bat
    86 leatherneck
    83 hiss driver

    second row:
    84 spirit
    86 lift ticket
    87 raptor
    86 hawk
    85 xamot
    85 tomax
    83 wild bill

    3rd row:
    82 cobra officer
    82 cobra officer
    83 tripwire
    86 monkey wrench
    85 ripper
    82 breaker
    83 duke (wrong legs)
    86 avac

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    Don't forget this nifty resource of ours...

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    Yeah, nice job...the Spirit and Duke have their legs switched. How much did you pay for all those? I've been to two garage sales listed on Craig's list the past two was comics only, one was comics and figures. I was only able to come up with six or seven comics I got for cheap. I was hoping to ocme across the final six issues of the Marvel run for a buck a piece... Man, that would have been AWESOME!

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    They had this bag full of assorted toys with these joes in it. The rest of it was pretty much junk. They wanted $5 but I got them down to $3. lol

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    Good deal. The AVAC is one of the more rare figures.

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    Nice Haul dude. If you ever feel the need to let go of the blue shirts and Hiss Tank Driver let me know.

    Seriously, I think someone woke up on the right side of the lucky bed and should go hit the local lottery now.


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