"Complete" Figure/Weapon Wanted list


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    "Complete" Figure/Weapon Wanted list

    I can pay through Paypal or trade. If you have something I need feel free to send me your Wants List.


    Crimson Guard: backpack
    Heavy Metal: mic


    Serpentor: mint torso back

    RAH Collection

    General Tomahawk & Dial Tone
    Serpentor & Shock Viper

    Street Fighter 2

    Various: string

    Convention Figures

    2003 Operation Anaconda Cobra Commander

    1994 Street Fighter Movie Figures

    Chun Li Xiang: silver Tekko x2 http://www.yojoe.com/archive/actfig/...hunliacc-4.jpg, silver axe, silver stand
    Dhalsim: Complete YOJOE.COM | Dhalsim
    General M. Bison: Complete (2-pack version) YOJOE.COM | General M. Bison
    Rock Trooper Guile: Complete YOJOE.COM | Rock Trooper Guile

    Battle Ribbons


    Gulf of Mexico Conflict

    Motorized Action Packs

    Cobra Rope Crosser: unbroken figure basket
    GI Joe Rope Crosser: unbroken figure basket
    Helicopter: right control handle PENDING
    Machine Gun Nest: main body with working mechanism
    Mine Sweeper: complete and working
    Mountain Climber: complete and working

    Motorized Vehicle Packs

    ATV: main body with unbroken wheels
    Scuba Pack: rudder


    Flagg:Superstructure "Y" pins x2 (original), lower mast (unbroken)

    Defiant: Crawler/Gantry red inverted gun (unbroken, but low priority), unbroken laser gun control turret x2 (the sliding pieces for the base)

    BUGG: back jet exhaust (high priority), middle wheel assembly (axle and wheel)
    Desert Fox 6WD: passenger roll bar
    Dreadnok Ground Assault Stinger: green missile x3, unbroken bumper, unbroken rear handrail, unbroken drivers door
    Hurricane: bottom cover (high priority)
    Mamba: pod canopy x2, pod cannon
    M.S.V: steering wheel
    Night Landing: complete motor (with cover, prop, and handle), motor handle, entrenching knife
    PAC/RAT Flamethrower: unbroken left side leg
    Rattler: unbroken front landing gear, Gunner's canopy (hinges can be broken but I'd prefer a fairly clear one)
    Sharc: rudder x2
    Skystriker: unbroken right side landing gear cover, small missile x3, medium missile, canopy, front landing gear cover, set of tail fins
    Whale: cannon tips x2, bike wheel, vertical vane x3
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    check my trade list. i've got a few things you're looking for.

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    Hey man, I have a spare tan Clutch without the helmet and a NF Outback with no gear. LMK if interested.

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    I'd like to pick up complete figures if I need the complete figures. Thanks for the offer though!

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    Check out my pics of figs and accessories there might be some stuff you are looking for.

    If it is just us out here, it's an awful waste of space.

    My B/S/T
    Want List
    My Ebay Auctions

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