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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryker927
    So like any movie line, I assume these toys will be off shelves after Christmas some time. Has Hasbro announced any direction for the line in 2010? Will we see more of the 25th style? More Resolute? A new cartoon series based on the movie that will spawn a figure line? Just wondering what anyone has heard as I have been out of touch until the last month or so. Thanks!
    Haven't heard anything yet. Q&A 3 might reveal that or SDCC or JoeCon will.
    And I agree with JMM, pick up the TRU exclusive Firefly. That figure has win written all over it.

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    So. Went to my local Target last night. The same Target that had been carrying the same moldering 25th anniversary peg warmers for like the past two months, down to the Cobra Trooper 12" with the helmet mushed down over his eyes (so I KNOW they were the same old figs).

    What had changed by last night?

    Well, there were no 25th anniversary figs or vehicles to be seen anywhere, at regular price or discounted. And for the first time in months, I had a full selection of Joes to flip through in several aisles of the toy section, or rather, 1 aise and three aisle caps.

    It was fun flipping through all the movie stuff. Alas... these figures, to me, are cheap-looking and nowhere close to the "authentic" look and feel of the original joe 3.75-inchers. Maybe I'm just discovering that the thrill of the last year was in reconnecting to the classic figures of my childhood, and reveling in the updates Hasbro gave them and the fact that as an adult I know had the budget to fill out a collection. But I don't think so. NONE of the figures last night had that magnetic got-to-have pull. The female figures are just hideous, hunks of plastic hair and all (they somehow make the gorgeous film actors look like drag queens... not that there's anything wrong with drag queens, you know, just that they're competing in a different category, shall we say).

    Don't know what else to say. Maybe the price and the packaging and the look will appeal to kids. But I miss the 25th already. And I'm STILL waiting for my new vehicle wave set and debating from which vendor to order the Joe 7-pack from (doesn't look like I'll be giving Entertainment Earth return business due to the loooooooong delay with the vehicle pack).

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    Well even if the movie figures are not interesting to you, there's already "25th" figures in the line. Heavy Metal (Rampage?) just came out as a driver for the Target online-only RHINO and Nitro-Viper is a pretty good Motor Viper. There's also the somewhat dubious looking Thunderblast figure to represent Thunder.

    I don't know if it was on purpose, but Hasbro's gone and created a Heavy Metal people are going to be fight to get. It sucks for me since I have no desire to get a RHINO. If anyone is army building that RHINO and wants to get rid of Rampage/HM I'd pay $20 right now.

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    "cheap looking"??? That's surprising seeing as how they are of the exact same plastic, paints, and molding procedures that the 25th line was.
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    I had heard about Heavy Metal coming, but have not seen pics of the rhino. Any pics? Also, there is a Footloose, Monkeywrench and possibly an '86 version of Leatherneck that's coming with a Ferret sometime this fall.
    So that's 4 or 5 right off the bat if you include Heavy Metal.
    I'd love to see one more 7-pack. Put it online, I don't care. I want to see:
    1. Cover Girl
    2. Dial Tone
    3. Sci-Fi
    4. Lowlight
    5. Airtight
    6. Iceberg
    7. Zarana

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    Here's the RHINO:

    I have a US mailing address I can use at but I can't justify it for just a figure. Again, anyone looking to get rid of him, $20 USD is yours if you wanna sell me one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe
    "cheap looking"??? That's surprising seeing as how they are of the exact same plastic, paints, and molding procedures that the 25th line was.
    Some people are saying that the guns are not staying in the figure's hands. He might be talking about that, but then again he didn't buy them. But that is a big complaint right now, along with the girl's ugly mugs and Storm Shadow having limited mobility due to his skirt.
    I don't know, it's just what I am reading. Some people might associate the big rocket launchers with cheapness as well.

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    10 more days...

    None so far, but I will probably pick up a few (Paris Pursuit SE, The Doctor, Elite Viper, Shipwreck) on the 20th when they come to Sweden. I would also like the Steel Crusher (and maybe the Pit if it's not too expensive).

    Can't wait for the 20th... First time since the early 90s that Joes will be available here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronz
    Here's the RHINO:

    I have a US mailing address I can use at but I can't justify it for just a figure. Again, anyone looking to get rid of him, $20 USD is yours if you wanna sell me one.
    Very interesting and thanks for the pic. I'd be interested in that figure, but don't want to fork out $54 dollars just to get him.

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    I think overall they are great. Weapons are a better scale than say Grunt's M16A1 from 1982 (The only rifle that I felt was right was Leatherneck's M203), more accessories, more colors, etc... If you are down on the female figures for the hair pull out your Scarlett from 1982 and compare to Scarlett in the reactive impact armor suit (Desert Ambush version). Seriously, this is better now. Heck compare her to half the Scarlett's released.
    Overall, they feel more fragile than the ones from the 80's but so do the SW figures these days.
    Sure, they are not a $1.99 anymore but it has been 25 years.
    The Ice-Viper is a bit of a disappointment due to lack of move-ability (is that a word?), but that is the only one I have not liked so far. I picked up a second Firefly and Barbecue today too. I think they capture the updated but classic look very well.
    My office is filling up fast as I unpack my Joes from the 80's and display with the 25th Ann and ROC figures and vehicles. Should have bought a bigger house...
    Shawn Carden

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