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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis666
    The raven looks great too. I thought it was small initially but the toy is apparently extensible so it should be about a long as the original.
    Negative on size.
    The new Raven's front of the fuselage pushes into the main body briefly to **** the firing missiles, sort of like a pump shotgun. It is probably 1/3 the size of the original. It still looks pretty cool. I must complain though, I put batteries in mine yesterday and pushed the buttons. Nothing seems to light up as directed in the instructions. So either mine has no LEDs/Lights or is defective. Sounds are really good and last much longer than I thought they would.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOD
    I think the Firefly looks pretty neat. I wonder if he was orginally planned to be the Resolute Firefly?
    Other than that, there's not much that I like either.
    I picked up the single card Firefly, my guess is he should have been Resolute too although the Cobra Gunship came with a Firefly pilot figure.
    The carded figure is loaded with accessories similar to the 25th figures.
    Shawn Carden

    Rules to win a gunfight
    1. Bring your gun
    2. Invite your friends that have guns too
    3. Don't fight fair

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    I've bought wave 1 snake eyes and storm shadow and zartan so far. i need to go back for destro, baroness, and cobra commander soon. I'm waiting til after my birthday this friday so i dont shoot anyone in the foot.

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    I ordered Duke (desert version), Helix, Cover Girl, Sgt. Stone, Scarlett (camouflaged version), Heavy Duty, Ice-Viper, and Snake Eyes (trench coat version) from this morning. That'll probably be it for me from the movie line for the foreseeable future. I have no plans to buy any more new Joes until the 7 Packs come out. If I buy any more in the meantime, they'll be ones that I passed on getting from the previous line or vintage ones.

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    I've found nine I wanted so far, but there's a lot of others who I am going to have to keep searching for. So far I got: Deep Six, Shipwreck, Cover Girl, Viper Commando, Neo Viper, Sgt Stone, Destro, Cobra Commander and Ice Viper. My Cobra Commander did not come with breathing apparatus as shown in the images, I don't know what's up with that.

    When Small Joes put up their figures last night I was pretty surprised to see some of them in stock as I've seen no trace of them before, like Helix, FLash and that Crimson viper. I am a bit disappointed that collectable pricing has been applied to the selection on SJ, but I think I'll be able to find anything I need at retail if I have patience. It's not clear to me at all if the TRU exclusives and W-M exclusives will even be released in Canada so that's more figures I won't likely be able to get. Hopefully Target doesn't get anything I can't live without too.

    Overall I really like all nine figures I have so far and will probably end up getting 25 or 30 figures from the line in the end. These are not bad toys at all even if there are some figures I would never, ever buy (Zartan?!)

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    Just picked up Shipwreck on my lunch break. I was looking for Desert Ambush Scarlett (in reactive armor), but couldn't find her.

    I saw these others I want today, but decided to wait (mostly due to price):
    -Scarlett Covert Ops (also poor head sculpt)
    -Baroness (another poor head sculpt)
    -Sgt. Stone
    -Zartan (will probably pick up a few to use as generic MPs)
    -Cover Girl (strike three on head sculpts)
    -Duke Desert Ambush (again, will probably pick up a few to use as generic desert troops)

    There are a few others I have on my want list that aren't out yet. Another reason I held off is that these should be easy to find, Target had rows and rows of pegs full of figures in the action figure aisle, and even more on two end caps! Haven't seen this much GI Joe on the shelves since my childhood.

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    Well, I saw everyone and everything that's supposed to be available right now. I bought the Baroness, Destro and Firefly.

    One Target I went to had about 8 Baronesses and I found exactly ONE that didn't look weird. The lipstick paint-ap is so random and it makes all the difference. Lots of crooked lips, pursed lips and sloppy lips but only one that had just the right amount to look normal. Her body is a little scrawny for the head, but not bad all around.

    Destro is cool - I immediately popped off the movie head and put a 25th head on him and I like him better. It's a little small for the body, but mostly b/c the body is so bulked up with the overcoat.

    Firefly is the winner of the bunch. I'm thinking Resolute too mostly since he uses the Resolute legs and arms. All the accessories are fantastic and he's pretty much a 10 out of 10.

    I was hoping to buy Scarlett and Covergirl but both headsculpts kill 'em. The Scarlett wouldn't be bad, but needs just a little color and the Covergirl looks like Paris Hilton with the dead eyes and lantern jaw - pass.

    I was somewhat tempted by Sgt Stone and he's a good generic sort of sculpt. I may go back to pick up Heavy Duty so I can put the Resolute Roadblock head on him when he comes out, but 8 bucks is just too expensive. Hasbro says they don't set retail prices but I don't understand how Walmart, Target AND TRU are all within a few cents of one another - price fixing at it's best.

    I would also have picked up the Cobra Gunship but the vehicles are all 5 bucks too expensive. I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to plunk down 25 bucks for that thing or 15 dollars for the Alpha vehicles.

    I'm afraid with only a couple more exceptions I'll be passing on most of these unless the price comes down or if HTS puts out another good discount code.

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    I think the Cover Girl figure looks like '80s whiner Martha Plimpton more than anything.

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    Finally I found them at Toys R Us. I ended up passing on all of them. I might go back for Destro. He looks so good in that grey WW2 outfit. I wanted Cover Girl but she looked like a man in a wig. Baroness...yuck. I still want Trench Coat Snake Eyes but they didn't have that one there.

    I did however get a Batman that came with Wonder Pig!

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    I really didn't plan on buying a lot of the movie figs..but after seeing them in person at Target & TRU. I think I'm going to buy a lot of the figures. I did buy Heavy Duty in the reactive impact armor. That figure is freaking awesome. I liked the Vipers and Destro. I'm going to be picking more up after I get paid on Friday.

    It was actually kinda funny. The Target nearest my house had an endcap filled with the single figures all priced at $6.99!!! I only wish I had more money, otherwise I would have gotten a few more. However at the register it rang up as $7.99...but I contested the price and the employee verified the $6.99 price. I wondered if they would have figured out the discrepency before Friday? Ah well. They're still cool figures...most of them.

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