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    Got Shipwreck and Thunder so far. Everything else TRU had wasn't anything I was interested in. Passed on the Firefly, BBQ, Wayans, 2 types of Heavy Duty, and Breaker.

    Of everything else that's been released, I'm still only looking for Cover Girl and trencoat Snake Eyes.

    So when is Walmart supposed to start carrying the line? I'm dying to get some of those Walmart exclusive 2-packs.
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    I'm looking forward to that two-pack with the Gung Ho in it. I love that figure.

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    Between Target and TRU I think I've seen everything thats out. I picked up a Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (both Paris Pursuit versions, aka trench coat SE and unmasked SS.) I am VERY impressed with the movie line and yes I will be getting a Pit! That said, the trench coat SE is quite possibly the best one weve ever seen. Honestly. Get him if you see him. The Ice Viper is also really nice. The female head sculpts are, as always, pretty ugly. Cobra Commander actually looks cooler than I thought. The desert camo Duke is another amazing figure. His stand is actually his dog tags! Very creative.
    I need a big blue door from the Defiant! I have cash and plenty of trade!

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    i got snow job with a vehicle 12'' snake eyes and little snake eyes

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    Thumbs up

    Since I had to work yesterday (24 hours as a firefighter), I was unable to hit any Target stores. So I was anxiously awaiting for today.

    I went to the Target closest to my house this morning, getting there around 8:20, and to my surprise EVERY peg that had had a RoC figure on it was EMPTY! Man, was I disappointed. I figured that every Target would be the same scenario.

    Even after reading some of the negative comments posted here by members on the board after they saw the figures, I was still anxious to see this new line.

    So I zipped over to the next closest Target and they had several RoC figures on the pegs. So I bought the green camo Heavy Duty, Reactive Impact Armor Heavy Duty, Sgt. Stone and Desert Ambush Duke.

    I'll have to wait to buy more figures.

    OK, so here's what I think: the figures look pretty good to me. After all the negative comments, I'm pretty happy with what I've seen so far. Yeah, Cover Girl looks pretty bad. My green camo Heavy Duty's eyes aren't too bad. I bought the Reactive Impact Armor HD to swap out heads because his eyes are much better, but to my disappointment, his head sits much lower on green camo HDs neck and it looks bad, like he has no neck. So, $7.99 wasted there.

    I like Duke and can't wait for the green/brown camo Duke to come out, because that'll make a lot of cool figures by the mere swap of a head.

    I like Sgt. Stone. He's a cool figure and head-wise, looks the most like a traditional G.I. Joe.

    Weapons-wise, my figures all have Marauder or bbi stuff, so it doesn't matter to me about the ones they came with. The M4 that Duke came with is pretty cool, though. Heavy D now has the Marauder mini-gun, which is much more realistic than the cheesy gigantor mini-gun he came with today.

    I'll be heading up to TRU in awhile to see what they have. I want to see Firefly, after reading some very positive stuff about that figure. Hoefully I'll find him there today and buy him.
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    Bought both Scarletts. The Covert Ops figure is okay, but the Desert Ambush figure is very nice. The rest of the figures looked pretty good, IMO.

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    I went to TRU and picked up Firefly and Destro. I have to agree that FF is probably the Resolute version, and I also must say that his accessories are very cool! He may be the blue ribbon winner of the RoC line, IMHO. Destro's not too shabby, either. I like this new version of him.

    I also went to Wal-Mart but they had ZERO RoC figures out. Not sure what they're waiting for.

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    I picked up a squad of Viper Commandos, these guys have one of the coolest backpacks I've ever seen on a figure. I plan on using them as Plague Troopers due to their color scheme.

    The movie figures are better than I thought, my only complaint is that it comes with some pretty lame weapons, but the figure itself is well made and fits in well with my other figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMM82
    I went to TRU and picked up Firefly and Destro. I have to agree that FF is probably the Resolute version, and I also must say that his accessories are very cool! He may be the blue ribbon winner of the RoC line, IMHO.
    Agreed. That Firefly is just completely awesome. Hasbro deserves a big thumbs up for that one!
    I am glad your HD didn't have really bad eyes JMM.
    Has anyone seen the Doctor yet?

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    Picked up 2 so far... Snake Eyes and Destro. Will nab Flash, both Scarletts, and the Gung-Ho 2 pack for sure. Anyone want dibs on the Copperhead?


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