Goofier film action figure: "Nipples" Batman or "Mouth-Line" Snake Eyes

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  • "Nipples" Batman

    15 62.50%
  • "Mouth-Line" Snake Eyes

    8 33.33%
  • Other

    1 4.17%
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    Goofier film action figure: "Nipples" Batman or "Mouth-Line" Snake Eyes

    Sorry. No visuals with this one. You'll just have to rel on your memory of the George Clooney-as-Batman toys that came out versus the new Snake Eyes that dropped with the Joe movie toys this month.

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    "Mouth-line" Snake Eyes is goofier. The Bat-nipples were clearly a stylisitic choice, done for campiness. I know, that should make them goofier than the "mouth-line", but the "mouth-line" is still goofier.

    The "mouth-line" has some weird circular logic to it that makes it worse than the Bat-nipples. So, the v2 Snake Eyes toy had a mouth sculpted into the head. Okay, but it's intended to suggest that the mask is a form fitting mask made of a type of cloth. That is the mouth of Snake Eyes that we are seeing on that figure. No big deal. Nothing wrong with using your imagination.

    Now, movie Snake Eyes has a fake, rubber mouth on his rubber mask. Could it be a lame homage for Joe fans? This is supposed to, I assume, make the viewer think it's actually a cloth mask and those are the real lips of Snake Eyes in the movie. It's not true of course. I don't think anyone, Joe fan or not, is going to be fooled by them. The filmmakers could have gone a different route and given Snake Eyes a hard mask to cover his mouth and nose, along with the v2 style visor. Sort of a combination of v1 and v2 of 25th anniversary Snake Eyes. This was not done. Snake Eyes has fake lips molded into his rubber mask. Thus, it is goofier than the Bat-nipples.

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    I'd have to go with plastic nipples.

    • It's feasible to understand why the "mouth line" is needed:to breathe.
    • You don't need nipples; they serve little function, especially on a man.
    • The original* (most definitive) version of Snake Eyes had the mouth line.

    *I of course mean version 2 that most people envision when they think of Snake Eyes.

    I actually think the mouth line gives the figure a lot more character. It's actually that tiny detail that may actually get me to buy that 1 movie figure.

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    Batsuit nipples by light years. It's not even close.

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    I'm going to say: mouth-line = goofier

    I'm fine with bat nipples...myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheReverend
    I'm going to say: mouth-line = goofier

    I'm fine with bat nipples...myself
    Haha, bat nipples

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    Bat nipples ruined that film. Would you rather have SE v4?
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    Bat nipples. What's the point?

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    Wasn't Batgirl in that film? Something tells me a costume designer got his papers confused.

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    I think the people voting for bat-nipples really need to think about the context in which they are used. I think you'll find that the mouth-line is goofier.


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