Guess the Opening Weekend Box Office Contest

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    Guess the Opening Weekend Box Office Contest

    Yo Joe & Joe Reloaded Present:

    The Guess the Opening Box Office Gross of GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Movie.

    In this thread place your guess for what you think will be the opening weekend box office gross of the GI Joe The Rise of Cobra movie. An additional guess can be placed in the Joe Reloaded forum here

    The guesses should be in the millions, although technically doesn’t have to be, and cents do not counted (they will be rounded up if added).

    The final number will be to the dollar value, so guess whatever value you think, exactness counts.

    Prizes included:
    All 4 SDCC Convention Comic covers of the Movie Adaptation.
    The rare DDP Fire Safety Comic in English, Spanish & Polish
    2 GI Joe Rise of Cobra Movie Posters.

    For additional Rules & Guidelines see here (
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    firefly owns you!

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    $70.6 million
    I'M A MAC

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    Hmm, same rules as the Price is Right, only with crummier prizes.


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    $102 million

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