Stupid Iron Grenadier ID question...

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    Stupid Iron Grenadier ID question...

    I've searched all through the archive, and I'm probably just missing it, but I can't ID this figure...

    Stamped 2003. Looks identical to the 2003 Iron Grenadier, except all of the IG's silver paint aps are in gold. The holster on the leg is black, the kneepads are black, and the two Vees under the knees are red. There's also a snake or dragon or peacock or something painted in red on his chest.

    I'm not sure why I can't find this guy. Argh. Who is he?

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    Its a Dlack Dragon Ninja from the 2005 Ninja Battles DVD set. Came with Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Tiger Claw, Shadow Strike, a DVD and a platform. Check the archives under 2005.
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    Thanks! It was driving me batty, especially since I'm not at all familiar with the newer figs.


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