Need some help identifying joes

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    Need some help identifying joes

    Found a bag of GI Joes over the weekend. Was curious if anyone could perhaps help me identify. If you can tell me the names and years of each character, it would be greatly appreciated. I've included a picture and you can begin with Row 1 from left to right. I've been told there are many helpful people here and look forward to the kindness and intelligence of this community.

    Here's the link in high resolution.

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    Top row: Mercer (87), Dial-Tone (86/I), Duke (88), Duke (83), Ace (83), Tele-Viper (85), BAT (86), Snow Job (83), Ghostrider (88), Dogfight (89), Cobra Commander (87), Low-Light (86), Monkeywrench (86)
    Row 2: Night-Viper (89), Road Pig (88), Deep Six (89), Flint (85), Zanzibar (87), Fast-Draw (87), Shipwreck (85), Annihilator (89), Alley Viper (89), Dusty (85), Wild Weasel (84), Gen. Hawk (91), Budo (88)
    Row 3: Windmill (88), Dr. Mindbender (86), Repeater (88), Airtight (85), Tunnel Rat (87), Destro (88), Viper (86), Blizzard (88), Strato-Viper (86), Techno-Viper (87), Ferret (88), Lifeline (86), Cutter (84)
    Bottom row: Metal-Head (90), Gung-Ho (87), Interrogator (91), Secto-Viper (88), SAW-Viper (90), Wet-Suit (86/I), Rock-Viper (90), Bazooka (88), Zarana (86), Slice (93), Flash (82-83 swivel-arm), Airborne (83), Tomax (85)
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    I really didn't expect a response that fast. Thank you sooooo much for your help!

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    You're welcome. I should point out that Dogfight (red 'stache, brown hat/jacket in the top row) should have blue pants. The green waist and legs are from other figures. I'm guessing Chuckles (87) for the waistpiece and Law (87) for the legs.

    Also, the Flash figure appears to be cobbled together. The arms are actually from Hawk (82-83 swivel-arm), and the waistpiece is from a straight-arm figure. Compare with this figure.

    Ace's strange arm is from a straight-arm Breaker, Clutch, or Rock 'n Roll (all 82) with a broken thumb. All the other figures seem to have their correct parts.
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