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    A motherload of Action Force Cardbacks from the UK I got in a big lot.

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    Some UK Paperwork

    Canadian Catalogs/Inserts/etc

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    Some US stuff, and a FANG Box

    A few inserts from Argentina

    Some Estrela and Plastirama catalogs

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    And maybe my favorite international item so far, this sweet AF poster:

    I need a bigger room for all of this stuff. I finally got the majority of my catalogs organized and put in folders. I needed the shelf space for a lot of the vintage custom figures I have been making recently. You can see a bunch of the members of the desert team I did on the top shelf in that last photo above. One of these days I am going to take detailed photos of all of the new custom figures.

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    Hats off to you, your collection is looking fantastic. I would have to agree...that Action Force poster is pretty cool.
    A most excellent idea sire!

    my Wants:

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    that action force poster with steel brigade is really awesome! everytime i think i gain ground on guys like you you pull another rabbit out of your hat.
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    Very nicely and cleanly displayed and organized. Looks great!

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    A truly amazing collection AND setup! Thanks for sharing. Being a Canadian collector, that Miracle Mart ad is an envious find.

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    i hate u

    envy envy envy


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