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    Talking You seem to have one huge problem.

    All of that gijoe stuff is in the way. I cant see the shelves with all of that plastic cardboard and paper stuff. I'll help you out and take all of that plastic and cardboard from you so that you can display that great wooden display without obstruction.

    seriously great stuff, love the customs. Do ou have teh paint that you used for that desert camo and where did you get the pattern for it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skystriker
    All of that GI Joe stuff is in the way.
    Yeah, and your Mauler needs antenna's, too....

    Seriously great stuff, love the customs.
    Thanks for posting your collection! Every single one of us should have a GI Joe wing in their man (or woman) cave! You can tell there's a great sense of pride in your collection and your fluid, coherent display. Well done!

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    Great job that is amazing I love seeing what others have done and I am quite impressed.

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    Excellent display, it all looks amazing! So, if this is the Joe "Wing", what are the other "wings"? Any other collections?

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    Very impressive and clean! An awesome collection you have.

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    That it an awesome collection! I'm gettign some great new display ideas looking at it (and by that I mean I totally want to copy what you've done

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    Amazing, what a great homage to 80's ARAH toys. That must have taken a lot of patience to build up.

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    I like both the desert and grey customized figures

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    Thanks for sharing Adam. Everything looks great! Good job!
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    All I can say is WOW! What a great collection. Im in the middle of making something you may like to have in your room. Ill post a pic when its done. Again, WOW GREAT COLLECTION AND DISPLAY! You can see my collection on my info page. Thanks for sharing~


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