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    Got some new stuff in recently to add to the collection:

    Brochures/sale ads/inserts/Triple Win game pieces and some other cool stuff:

    A ton of blueprints and some more vintage cardbacks:

    Glad so many people enjoyed the pictures. This is the first time I have really had the space to have any of that out on permanent display, let alone all of it. I had the flagg on the floor of my office for about 2 months after I bought it, but it's good to see it with a proper display fitting for the behemoth that it is.

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    What a great collection, thanks for sharing.

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    Awesome collection and the display is beautiful. Cool customs too, I dig the desert BDU team!

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    Very, very nice. I really like the clean display of the room. There is no clutter on the walls and everything is lined up. That is mostly the opposite of my collection. While I keep everything neat and in order, I have so much stuff I have to start cramming. But I can't bring myself to stuff things in boxes that I want on display and doing some sort of rotation is just a lot of work. So mine has a organized chaos appearance, but I still love it.

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    It's been a while since I updated this.... I have picked up a lot of new things, mostly paperwork, but also a few new figures and of course, the mighty Defiant Space Shuttle Launch Complex. There was one of these for sale near here, so was able to buy it locally and not pay the hefty postage price to mail it.

    The defiant was only missing 2 small black missiles (already bought replacements), the umbilical cord, and the figures (see below). There are a few broken parts but it's in great shape and I am thrilled to have it.

    Enjoy the new stuff:

    1982 Belt and Binoculars offer sheet

    1982 Cobra Commander/Wrist & Headbands/Poster Offer

    1982 Cobra Commander (v1) Order Form

    1982 Super Rebate Offer

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    1982 Mobile Strike Force Fan Club Iron On Transfer

    1982 Mobile Strike Force Fan Club Newsletter #2

    1983 Mobile Strike Force Fan Club Newsletter #2

    1983 Fan Club Poster

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    This is something I never thought I would be able to find for a decent price....

    1983 Mobile Strike Force Fan Club Re-Up Offer (sheet and envelope)

    1984 Fan Club Poster

    I got a new shell and a few missing parts for the WHALE. Now the only thing left is the lower ramp, which seems to be difficult to locate

    1984 Miracle Mart Catalog (from Quebec, so it's all in French)

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    1985 Catalog Poster (from the GI Joe Magazine)

    1985 Blue SNAKE

    1985 Moray Box

    1985 Poster

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    1985 SMS Custom Set (the missle launcher is actually the HEETSEEK ROC version but it is exactly the same as the original, even with the 1985 date stamp)

    1985 Puzzle/Mural Set - I am missing 1 piece from the battle platform (bottom left) puzzle - anybody have extras?

    1985 AWE, Ferret and Night Landing Boxes

    1985 Flagg Microphone (finally got the last piece I was missing)

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    1986 Action Cards

    1986 Temporary Tattoos

    1986 Catalog Artwork Poster (from GI Joe Magazine)

    1987 Diamond Stickers (these are the character art ones from the set)


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