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    The Defiant! It's fricken huge, like the size of a coffee table.

    1987 Hardtop and Payload

    1987 Live the Adventure Assignment II Certificate (and an Action Force UK Catalog)

    1987 Pocket Patrol Pack mail away variant with 3D logo

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    1988 GI Joe the Magazine Winter issue

    Collection of Japanese Stuff

    Japanese Filecards

    Japanese Stickers and Instructions

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    Chinese Major Bludd, Sokerk, Sparta and SS cardbacks from Argentina

    I bought some bootleg figures of cobra troopers recently and really like them. I plan to put up a side-by-side comparison of these vs. the real deal pending mod approval.

    DiSimone Guides, the 1985 Fact & Yearbook, and the 1987 box of Diamond Stickers

    Steel Brigade Patch - anybody know what this is from?

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    SNAKE Collection - the red is a custom (waiting on some stickers from Cobra Stickers). I also have a light grey custom in the works, similar to the Funskool one from India.

    Sgt Slaughter cardback from Argentina, 1982 Coleco Catalog, Japanese Catalog and 1982 Playing Card Set

    UK/European Exclusive Cardbacks

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    Some photos of the room after I put some new shelves in.

    I left some space on the lower shelf open as I plan on getting more empty boxes in the future and will put them there.

    Most of these 25th figs are customs

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    Some other random photos

    Eel Team

    Custom Cobra Desert Operations Team

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    Those desert Cobras are awesome! I particularly like the TeleViper with the copper visor. Better than the original, really. And the urban camo Joes in the '83 HQ are quite good, too.

    Edit: "Night Force" Copperhead is wicked! (page 1)
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    cyko said wicked

    sweet just sweet

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    Awesome setup. Great customs too. Certainly puts my cluttered setup to shame.
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