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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    you really have an awesome collection. I always enjoy the paperwork and what-not. but what really caught my eye were those dragonfly customs. those are awesome! what type of red did you use for the action force one?
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    Thanks, Hotdog. Glad to hear you like the collection!

    The dragonfly customs were all originally done around 2000 or 2001. When TRU had the Locust helicopter in stores, I bought a few of them. I used Krylon enamel spray paint, without any primer or sealer (before I knew what I was doing). So as a result, over the years the paint had chipped off pretty badly.

    I did a black one, the urban camo, and then a med/dark green that was supposed to be similar to the original 1983 dragonfly. I found these sitting in a box and decided to try to touch them up. I was able to use brush on acrylic paints to fix the urban camo and black SAS helicopters fine, but I could not match the green (and it wasn't that accurate to the real dragonfly).

    So I decided to paint it a different color and Krylon Fusion red spray paint for it. I was worried it would not stick very well, but it worked just fine, even when I applied it in the garage 2 weeks ago when it was 5 degrees outside. I just had to use quite a few coats to get it to cover the green underneath. They were finished with Testors dull coat. The black parts on the SAS weapon transports and the yellow parts on both the weapon transport and SAS dragonfly are also Krylon Fusion.

    The red on the 2 custom figures next to it is acrylic Pactra "insignia red", which matches the krylon pretty well. All of the stickers are from Cobra stickers.
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    Awesome tribute by an awesome Joe fan- thanks for sharing- I could get lost for hours looking in that room.
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    Man... can we all come over?

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    Just had to stop back by and take another look today as an uninvited guest Don't worry, I brought some Yo Joe cola.

    Is any of that stuff from your childhood?
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Currahee_Chris
    Just had to stop back by and take another look today as an uninvited guest Don't worry, I brought some Yo Joe cola.

    Is any of that stuff from your childhood?

    Sadly there is only one figure left over from when I was a kid... a Zandar that was my brother's, which is why it survived. I decided when I was about 12, and we were about to move to a new house, that I was too old for GI Joe anymore and used a series of rocks and hairspray fed flamethrowers to torture and destroy my figures. Quite morbidly, I kept the heads as a memento, although I don't know where they went. I had a pretty good sized collection (Tomahawk, 83 HQ, Night Raven, etc) and I don't even remember what happened to them. They must have been sold at a garage sale for a pittance.

    I did keep the filecards and I think I have almost all of them from back in the day.

    My memory of some things in my childhood is not as sharp as others. I recently found some old family photos from 1984 when I got my first Joe stuff for Christmas. I vividly remember having the 1983 Headquarters, but also in the photo was, to my surprise, a skystriker and a straight arm Stalker. I do not remember having those at all, which is odd...especially for something as awesome as the Skystriker.

    I also found some other xmas photos from 1985 and 86 and there are pictures of the Snow Cat and Firefly and I don't remember ever having those either.

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    Interesting about the Filecards- I only retained two- for whatever reason- Cobra Commander and Ace- but for whatever reason, I still have all of my original blueprints from childhood- go figure.
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    That is just awesome, man. I'm jealous but thanks for sharing.

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    Wow what a great collection.
    I am trying to get a spreadsheet together so I can start selling mine off. No room for a man-cave nor the funds.

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    It's been about six months since I updated this. Here are some new things I picked up in the last few months for the collection.

    These inserts are really quite difficult to find for some reason. As far as I can tell there are only 3 of them (hooded cobra commander, parachute pack, dog tags).

    Some Action Man cardbacks from Australia. I think these are awesome and I hope to find the others someday.

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