The GI Joe Wing of My 1980's Man-Cave

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    The GI Joe Wing of My 1980's Man-Cave

    ****ADDED MORE PICTURES ON PAGE 5-6, and 8-10*****

    Here are some pictures of the newly finished GI Joe wing of my man-cave. We moved to a new house in May and I have been busy working on building some display stands for the collection.

    I used to have a huge 25th anniversery collection as well, but am in the
    process of selling it to focus more on the vintage. I made a huge display cabinet for the figures, and have used many of my extra troop builders and customs for display with the vehicles.

    Just thought you guys would enjoy some vintage pics.

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    The display cabinet is designed with hinges on the sides and has a groove cut in the top and bottom of each shelf to allow for a piece of clear plexiglass to slide in. I still need to put those pieces in, but the cabinet is basically finished. The stand was largely copied from an awesome display piece made by a member on the other GI Joe site named chickenbroth, so credit goes to him for the original idea.

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    1982-84 Vehicles

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    Cobra Vehicles 1983-85

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    1985 Vehicles
    USS Flagg

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    Night Force Team Ready for Deployment from the Flagg

    1986 Vehicles

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    Cobra Vehicles (1985-87)

    1987 Vehicles

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    Vintage Uncut Cardbacks


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