How should i Grade a Bagged Conv. Set

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    How should i Grade a Bagged Conv. Set

    Dear Joe collector's,
    I am thinking of sending in a set of 1993 G.I. Joe convention figures to AFA to be graded. I wanted to solicit your advice on the various ways I can have them graded.
    1. should I send each individual figure in to be graded in sealed in his own acrylic case.
    2. Or should I have all of the figures encased in a multi-figure multi-compartment acrylic case. This would result in a large display unit
    1. should I have the items removed from their baggies and graded as a uncirculated item,
    2. or should I leave the item in their individual plastic baggies and have them graded in sealed that way.
    I am very interested in hearing the opinions of my fellow collectors.

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    I would have the figures graded in a multi-figure multi-compartment acrylic case. They look really cool displayed this way.

    I would remove them from the baggies and get an Uncirculated grade.

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    I would multi group them, but leave them in the bags. Out of the bags they are common figures with a different weapon. At least in the bags, they are convention exclusives.


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