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    Trade List

    Just some extra GI Joe stuff I have for trade...

    Vintage Accessories

    Viper – Backpack
    Night Viper – Backpack (x2), gun
    Pathfinder - Blade
    Airtight V1 - Gun (wear on handle)
    Red Dog - Backpack
    Storm Shadow V2 - Claw, backpack, 2 red swords (one has “stress mark” from bending, but not broken)
    BAT V2 - Green Missile
    Snow Serpent V1 – Backpack
    Snow Serpent V2 – Backpack
    Topside – Gun (x2)
    Saw-Viper – Bi-pod
    Low-Light V3 – Rifle
    Scoop - Gun
    Metal Head - Yellow Rocket
    Alley Viper V2/Viper V4 – Missile Launcher
    Spirit V1 – Belt (slight paint wear on one brown pouch)

    Vintage Vehicle Parts

    Polar Battle Bear – Hood piece with handles (no stickers)
    Tiger Fish – 1 Large Missile, 1 Small Missile
    Cobra Ferret – Top piece with seat, handles and large red gun (slight stress on handles, not broken), missile holders on each side have 1 broken peg
    Sky S.H.A.R.C. – 2 White Missiles (with “caution” stickers)
    Dreadnok Air Skiff – 2 front guns, 1 Missile
    Mudbuster/Ice Snake – Blue Roll Cage
    Sonic Boom Tank – Yellow Turret Top piece (fits on middle rear of tank)

    New Accessories

    Black Heat Viper (V1) Bazooka – Came with 5 different figures (2001-2003)
    Black Backpack – came with 13 different figures from 1998-2003
    Black Torpedo (V1) backpack – came with 3 different figures
    Silver Sub-machine gun – came with 10 different figures

    I also have many of the Impel GI Joe cards, if you are looking to complete a set just send me a PM with the numbers and I will see if I have them.

    Want List
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