Acrylic Cases for larger carded Joes

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    Acrylic Cases for larger carded Joes

    My hope
    As my signature states I am almost finished completing my 82-94 MOC Collection. I will worry about different card backs/fronts/offers (don't want to own a Micro-figure) after the initial collection is complete.

    My current issue is the acrylic cases. I'm going to be ordering 175 (maybe more) of the acrylic cases from CGA around Christmas but am looking for a way around having them design specific cases for the other figures in the collection.

    I've done a little measuring to determine the different card types that were released at that time and have specific terms to refer to them as. I have not measured the card sizes for Tomax & Xamot, Slaughter's Renegades, Cobra-La or the Air Commandos which will be referred to as "unknown".
    • Original - 9" x 6"
    • Double Size - 10" x 7 3/4"
    • Oversize - 10" x 6"
    • European - 9 1/2" x 6"
    • Unknown - ?" x ?"
    Any help determining the size of the unknown cards would be helpful (just for my records as I'm too lazy to drag them out with the boxes they are in).

    Excluding packaging variants:
    As I'm sure most of you know 195 different figures were released on the original card size which ran from 1982 to 1992. This package size was revisited in 1994 and is not accounted for in the above listing of 195.

    Double Size cards originally started with the Battle Force 200 2-packs and continued with DEF, Eco-Warriors, Mega-Marines, Night Force, Sky Patrol, Sonic Fighters, Star Brigade Armor-Tech, Shadow Ninjas, Super Sonic Fighters, Talking Battle Commanders and Street Fighter II-figures. There were 79 different Double Size cards released.

    In 1993 the G.I.Joe line moved in a different direction providing us with a new card back size, Oversize. This included Battle Corps, Ninja Force and the Star Brigade figures released in 1993 and 1994.

    The Issue
    Now that I have provided background on how I judge my collection, I am in need of acrylic cases for the 150+ figures on card that do not have a standard AFA-case size. I am resisting the urge to get the figures graded as I don't trust shipping companies to ship them there nicely and live VERY far from Atlanta (where AFA attends shows occasionally).

    Does anyone have any idea what cases I should be using? Worst case scenario they stay in the packing boxes that they are all in and come out to be graded in a few years when I can afford to get them all graded.

    Thanks for your time.

    24 MOC figures left to go! Hoping to get at JoeCon 2010:
    1985 Dusty
    1985 Eels
    1985 Snake Eyes
    1985 Snow Serpent
    1987 Jinx
    1987 Law & Order
    1987 Tunnel Rat
    1989 Night-Viper

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    I've turned a lot of people here onto my friend Oscar at Oscar's cases for all their oversized Joe needs. He's done a lot of cases for me, including Tomax and Xamot, vehicles and Mexican boxed Joes, and they're all great.
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